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Conquer Club

By Ehsan Honary :::: Wednesday, March 7, 2007

:: Article Rating :: Unofficial Games, Browser Based

Website: http://www.conquerclub.com/

Platform/Requirements: Browser based

Free online membership is available with certain restrictions.

Conquer Club Screen Shot

Review: The game is played inside a browser. There are a number of tournaments and players are ranked accordingly. The game interface mainly consists of combo boxes and buttons in a browser to select where you want to attack from and where you want to attack to. Turn times can be as long as a day. Hence the games are played very slowly.

RSS feeds are available to facilitate game play. This is handy specially when you have to make a single move every day. Just visit your favourite RSS reader and follow the link to make your move when your turn comes.

It is possible to have team games. There are over 25 alternative maps at the time of writing.

The user interface is where all the activity takes place and that its greatest weakness. The map is not very readable and is difficult to get a feel of the distribution of armies by a single glance. There are other solutions such as Grand Strategy which have done a much better job. You get a number of selection boxes for attack and fortification. However. there are no stats to show you how many armies or territories each player has and you are forced to count it yourself. When I collect card, I like to know how many armies would I get if I cash and also how many armies others get if they cash their. Considering that each game, even within the same implementation, can have different rules, I consider it critical to let the player know what they will get. Again, the user interface doesn't show anything related to this, not even the precise rule it is use to calculate the next card.

If you can get past the user interface issue, the game can become quite addictive and you want to play it all the time. The long turn time, combined with RSS means that you will be making your move when you read news everyday and it quickly becomes a habit.

The game is free to play, though you can pay with a yearly paid subscription to get all of the features.