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Nike in March this year, the number of shoes for sale is very large, it seems that NCAA for Nike crazy March gave enough to respond, including the coconut bubble, Kobe's part of the FTB shoes, are heavyweight. Of course, Brand Jordan will also offer a large number of shoes, below we also listed in the March sale of those Jordan Air, we have to look at. Jordan Air 2 " Wing; It" ; Retrorelease date: 03/05/16hair price: $190Jordan Air 12 GGRetrorelease date: 03/05/16hair price: $140Jordan Air 30 UNC" " release date: 03/05/16hair price: $200Jordan Air 1 KO Retro High OGJordan Air 4 GGRetrorelease date: 03/09/16hair price: $140Jordan Spike PE 40 " Dunk; From Above" Air; release date: 03/09 cheap foamposites /16hair price: $180Jordan Air 5 Low " Fire; Red" ; Retrorelease date: 03/12/16hair price: $190Jordan Air 1 Low OG " Metallic; Navy" ; Retrorelease date: 03/19/16hair price: $130Jordan Air 4 " Dunk; From Above" Retro; Jordan Air 12 " French; Blue" ; Retrorelease date: 03/26/16hair price: $190Jordan Air 4 Re〉With the 2014 Brazil World Cup approaching, more and more World Cup themed shoes to be on stage, Jordan Brand will not miss this event as we wait for the Air Jordan 6 World ultra limited Cup sale, new outfit Jordan Future also exposed a world cup theme. From the exposure map is not difficult to see that the Jordan Future is used for the Brazil tropical green color, while Jord Cheap air jordans for sale an Brazil Pack on the box also shows the identity of the out of the ordinary, believe that the design team of Jordan Brand will make a fuss on the tongue, let us look forward to it. item: 688447-920 1-140423093618.jpg (73.69 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Upload 09:57 2014-4-23 1-140423093621.jpg (61.11 KB, download times: 12) download attachment 2014-4-23 09:57 uploads , Jordan, Future, Brazil, Brazil, world cup 00 7 from 22, Cristiano, ·, Ronaldo will join forces to open Nike personal first trip to china. As a representative of the outstanding athletes in the sports world, C Luo has visited China several times with the club. The China C Ronaldo will visi Retro jordans for sale t Shanghai and Beijing two city, and Chinese football lovers to share their extraordinary football story, secret of success and inspire more exclusive secret Chinese teenagers football, detonated belongs to this nation's extraordinary! As the absolute leader, C, in June this year, with two goals to help the team 4:1 win over Juventus, fourth summit of Europe's premier club competition top, this is his occupation career in the team's twenty-first represents a different club championship of the tournament. On the international soccer scene, C Ronaldo led the Portuguese national team into the European Championship in the summer of 2016 with brilliant goals and extraordinary leadership. I cheap jordans for sale n addition, the 4 European golden globe winner has scored 604 official goals in his career, 75 of which made him the first ever Portuguese national team striker. There is no doubt that these incredible figures will continue to climb. 4a9c15bc-f2ce-4fb1-8004-2fe5285bcc5c.jpg (415.09 KB, download times: 0) download the attachment 〉A few degrees of exposure of Air Jordan 6 Spizike has finally ushered in the official release of information, this is Jordan Brand to commemorate Spike Lee's film "Do the Right" Thing 25th anniversary and specially built. The vamp is made of red leather, with white midsole and crystal outsole, and the inside is made of black motifs. The overall effe Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ct is very eye-catching. item: 694091-625 release date: August 9th air-jordan-vi-6-spizike-official-01.jpg (145.46 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 6 SpizikeUpload 09:58 2014-8-3 air-jordan-vi-6-spizike-official-02.jpg (123.41 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 6 SpizikeUpload 09:58 2014-8-3 air-jordan-vi-6-spizike-official-07.jpg (117.78 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 6 Spizike 2014-8-3 upload at 10:02 air-jordan-vi-6-spizike-official-05 (1).Jpg (179.83 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 6 Spizike 2014-8-3 upload at 10:02 air-jordan-vi-6-spizike-official-06.jpg (136.05 KB, downl Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping oad times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 6 SpizikeUpload 09:59 2014-8-3 air-jordan-vi-6-spizike-official-04〉 bike sharing rental brand "mobike v-mobile bicycle (hereinafter referred to as: Mobell)" released in Shanghai, to the identity of the v-mobile technology CEO Uber Wang Xiaofeng, general manager of Shanghai for the first time unveiled, he said: "v-mobile bicycle will use everyone can afford to pay the price, to help every city people can be more convenient to complete a short trip." this product called "Mobell bicycle", brought by Wang Xiaofeng, general manager of Shanghai Uber Uber from after the resignation, lead the team to the latest research and developmen cheap jordans online t. The first orange Mobell bike yesterday officially put into use in Shanghai city. This bike explosion-proof tires, twenty thousand road ride only without inflating the inner tyre wear. At the same time the bicycle draws on the concept of a part of the car, the use of bearings to replace the traditional chain, this will not be "off the chain" and so on. In addition, the lock of the car which combines chip, circuit board, internet protocol, GPS and Sm, can easily find its position. bike is Beijing Mobell Mobell Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Mobell technology's products). Moving the bike is mobike, in use process, the user in the app store or the Android store downlo cheap jordan shoes for men ad v-mobile bike, or mobike app registration, on can in the app saw themselves near the bicycle distribution, and find out his latest bike. by two-dimensional code scanning body open the lock, arrive at the destination after stop in government regulations white parking area, closed manual lock automatically billing. The current price is 1 yuan per half hour. in bicycle design, v-mobile bike the aluminum body, also used the orange five piece wheels, the frame adopts is aluminum material, rust, and is SC-7000 aviation aluminum alloy, the tensile strength reaches 650mpa is ordinary frame 2 times safety coefficient. In the process, using the v-mobile bicycle axle drive and pendulum arm, Retro jordans for sale body integral forming process. At the same time, the process and the orange five spoke wheels together, can also enhance the v-mobile bicycle identification, and easy to maintain. Wang Xiaofeng said that v-mobile bikes don't need people to go to the designated locations do card, pay, also do not need to specify the site to stop the car. in addition to China, the rest of the world is also in demand for people to improve their urban infrastructure, and related solutions. Such as the Copenhagen road bicycle green: if in the above cycling speed higher than 20km / h, on the road will be bright green, crossing in front of will also all the way to the green; if less than the speed, the gre cheap jordans for sale mens en light will disappear, we must accelerate to re activate.& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike, Adidas sneakers accused to use its technology, and to prosecute Adidas infringement lawsuit in the United States created a hubbub. Coincidentally, two weeks after, in faraway China, Nike has brought to court as defendants. Today, the Beijing Intermediate People's Court will be hearing a complaint Zheng Qingsheng Nike ?? ?? Suzhou Sporting Goods Co., its pseudo-scientific fraud case. It is understood that this is the fourth time Zheng Qingsheng with Nike court. Why Zheng Qingsheng people & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Beijing Zheng Qingsheng currently director of the Institute Masayuki body mechanics. According to reports, he was engaged in shoes and health research for 10 years. He thinks its cushion Nike sneakers on its website, "can give the muscles, bones and joints the best protection," and so the lack of facts and scientific evidence ?? have pseudo-scientific and commercial fraud suspects. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Zheng Qingsheng said in an interview with reporters yesterday, compared with the previous prosecution, the focus of this new evidence adduced the genus in terms of Nike shoes. One of the new evidence is advertising their products are Nike sneakers, but the State Patent Office patent bulletin shows, Nike in China filed 33 patents, no sports shoes belonging to a column. In addition, national sampling report also shows that the so-called Nike sneakers actually sneakers, not sneakers. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In the previous trial, Nike came up with seven professional papers from abroad, to prove Nike Air shoes can effectively avoid duplication of impact force to prevent sports injuries. four degrees sued Nike & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; It is understood that this is the fourth lawsuit between Zheng Qingsheng with Nike. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Previously, Zheng Qingsheng said Nike Air shoes cushion propaganda on its website, is a pseudo-scientific fraud, asking them to double the compensation for the purchase price 1280 yuan. November 2005, the lawsuit was dismissed West Side Court. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2005, September Zheng Qingsheng think Nike publicly accused their "illegal entry into the internal Web site", "steal business information" is malicious defamation, ask for compensation for mental solatium 150,000 Yuan, in October 2005, Dongcheng District Court heard the case. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2005 November Zheng Qingsheng think Nike Air shoes for "pseudo false propaganda behavioral science, damaging all footwear operators, is a serious act of unfair competition" in order to study The complaint filed in the name. January 17, 2006, the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court heard the case publicly. The case is still under trial.

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