Total Diplomacy Risk Game Strategies

Solution 1.C

By SuperUser Account :::: Saturday, March 3, 2007

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Risk Strategies, Solution 1.C: Fight with Green


Fight with Green

The key to Risk is to make everyone think they are in a good position, while you slowly build up your forces, hopefully unnoticed. In this case I would cash the cards. My intention is to get Green and Blue into a corrosive war while not to annoy Blue or Green, at least initially. 

I would then start to slowly gain power. When ready, I would encourage Yellow to attack Blue from Kamchatka, so that Blue would not get too much power. This gives an unfair advantage to Green in his corrosive war. I can take advantage of this by breaking the treaty with Green! This has to be done gracefully. I would attack Egypt, and then retreat. So the turn would go as follows: 13 new armies, 5 on West Europe, 5 on South Europe and 3 on Scandinavia. I will attack Egypt from South Europe, followed by a withdrawal.

While Yellow is fighting Blue, and Green and Blue are engaged, I shall attack Green and hopefully get his continent and maybe his cards. I would then be unstoppable!

Alliances are only ever to be used when convenient. This is an understanding in all our games.