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Dominate Game

By Ehsan Honary :::: Wednesday, March 7, 2007

:: Article Rating :: Unofficial Games, Browser Based
Website: http://www.dominategame.com

Platform/Requirements: Windows / Browser

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Review: Dominate comes in two versions. You can play it in a standalone application or in a browser.

Dominate game seems to be geared towards network play. As a result, when you launch the game you need to sign in and go to the lobby to select the game you want to join. The interface is clear and to the point. No fancy artworks, but you probably don’t need it.

In order to get good at this game, make sure to practice a lot and read the instructions carefully. You need to practice how to attack and fortify and basically learn how the graphical user interface works.

As with most of modern implementations of Risk, you get the choice to play on either the classic Earth map or other more exotic maps. You have the ability to design your own maps as well.

Each game in the lobby has a number of different options which are identified by a series of tiny icons. Some of the options are:

  • No robots in the game
  • Obtain cards from defeated
  • Value of cards increases
  • Place armies before attack

All in all, Dominate provides a large number of customisations and the game is well-built. The Risk game is enjoyable and addictive.

Unfortunately most games available on the lobby have an army size limit. In the initial placement phase, no territory can have more than 4 armies. When fortifying, you cannot move more than 7 armies. These limitations change the game play significantly and may not suit all Risk players. It would be desirable to have this as an option. As a result of these rules, you rarely see high number of armies in the games. This is in complete contrast with Lux where you usually see many more armies engaged in battles (sometimes in excess of 500 armies!). Those players who prefer slower game progress with smaller numbers may like Dominate better.

As a general rule for Risk game design, options should only serve to balance the game. By using strict rules, you are limiting the style of a player. You are forcing the player to play in a certain way. A forced player, may not enjoy the game as much and inevitably gives up playing the game and may go to look elsewhere for a better game.

The standalone application is free to download, though it has a purchase reminder. The browser version is a paid service and you need to pay up front to use it. I encourage you to try this game. There are some who like it very much as it is demonstrated by the fans.