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By Ehsan Honary :::: Wednesday, March 7, 2007

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Website: http://www.windowsgames.co.uk/conquest.html

Platform/Requirements: Pocket PC and Windows

Download Conquest Risk Game for PC

Download Conquest Risk Game for Pocket PC

Conquest for Windows

Review:  Conquest comes in two forms:
  • PC version. This is a stand alone Risk game. Generally speaking you play against AI players. It has all the standard features of a Risk game and the graphical user interface is relatively easy to use. Since you play against AI, it means that you generally need to play tactically. The AI gives you the feeling that you are playing against a computer with predictable moves, although it can be difficult at times. Extra maps are available from the web site as well. A map editor is also supplied. The AI can be customised based on three parameters: Aggression, Nastiness and Paranoia. You can create a number of AI players with different customisation and throw them in a game and see if you can win against them. Network functionality is available from the menu, though there seems to be no concept of a lobby where players can find each other. AI and human players can be mixed in a game.
  • Pocket PC version. This is the only version of Risk that I have seen available on PocketPC. It has similar features and look and feel of the PC version. The advantage is that you can play the game anywhere (e.g. in a train) and you can pause it any time. Three hours later, you can come back to it and enjoy the rest of the game. The AI can be tough in hard levels and you will need to focus hard to get by.

Both versions are well made and have been enjoyable to play with. As always, users can be demanding and want more features. For example, I like to see network lobby, more customisation controls such as card escalation options, fortification options, custom AI (developed through third-party) and so on. Of course these features may be added over time by the developer.


In any case, give both a try. Demo versions are available for free from  the website.


P.S. Thanks to Sean O'Connor for kindly providing this  software for review purposes.