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Ethan (Ehsan) Honary

I was introduced to Risk game way back in the 90s. I simply think it is a great game with a lot of replayability, but even more I like it because it helps me use it as a metaphor to life. Life is not deterministic but still rewards the skilled person. There is always an element of chance associated with every decision you make in life and I think a game of strategy should capture this. In Risk this is reflected even in the name!

Contrary to what most think, it is not just rolling dice that makes the game risky, it is how other players play. It is this aspect that I like the most because humans are the most unpredictable part of the game (or any game). Risk elegantly connects players together in the setting of the game; you really need to eliminate them one by one if you want to win. The most rewarding experience comes from guessing what others are up to and outdoing them; the essence of strategy.   

This led me to creation of this site and writing extensively about the game and eventually decided to publish a book on Risk game strategies.

Much has happened in the world of board gaming since the 90s when I started playing it, or even way back in the late 50s when the game was invented. We have had a resurgence of board gaming at the beginning of this century with the proliferation of board game cafes around the world and now there are literally tens of thousands of board games you can play.

Although in my mind Risk is a great, there is a lot of competition out there for it. These days, I find myself playing many other board games in various board game groups across London, which is where I live.

Whether you want to play Risk, or other games, give me a shout and come and join me in one of the board game cafes around town.

I am currently involved in the design of new board games which I find immensely fun. I will keep you posted when I have something ready for you to try.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Risk game and the site.

You can contact me at support@totaldiplomacy.com

You can find more about my various interests at www.honary.co.uk


Updated December 2019

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

George Orwell

Train the Trainer Book


Train the Trainer is a book on learning how to teach well. Training people and teaching them how to train others well is a great passion of mine and here in this book I share with you tons of guidelines on how to run a good course. Suppose you master a topic and become a subject matter expert. Now you want to teach others. It turns out that the skills of teaching is different and is a whole new set of skills to master. This book can help you with that. I also run Train the Trainer courses in London so my students can practice these skills in the controlled environment of a course. So if you are interested to learn how to teach well, come along. Who knows, may be we can squeeze a board gaming session in it too. Find details of the train the trainer course here.

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