Treaty Example 1: Playing as Africa
In this example you are playing as Stripe starting from Africa. Upon evaluation of your position, you realise that you have two main options:
  1. Move toward east and north and expand to Europe or Asia. You can make a deal with the player in South America. Once you can secure your border with a treaty, you can then focus on other fronts.
Treaty Example 1a

  1. Invade South America. South America is a small continent and is therefore desirable. As a bonus, you don’t even end up increasing the number of your borders once you have conquered South America. In this case you will be expanding westwards and securing east (North Africa, Egypt and East Africa) through treaties will be extremely helpful.

Treaty Example 1b

In this scenario, making treaties with either side is certainly an advantage. You need to trust the player you want to make the treaty with. The last thing you want is to make a treaty, move your armies elsewhere and then get invaded by a large force from your weakest border.

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