Treaty Example 2: Playing as Europe
Suppose you are playing as Yellow and reside in Europe. Europe is strategically interesting since it is in the middle of the world and has access to everywhere. This means you can attack anyone as you wish. It provides a fair number of bonus armies, though you can use it only if you can keep the continent. Being in the middle of the world has its drawbacks: almost everyone has access to Europe and can be a direct threat.

The trick with Europe is that if you can get a couple of treaties with other players, it is almost guaranteed that you will win the game. You have the following options:
  1. Treaty with Africa. This will secure your south border. Once south is secure, you are left with expanding into North America or Asia. The player in Africa will be happy to have a treaty with the player in Europe, since, as explained in the previous scenario, he can concentrate on South America.
Treaty Example 2a
  1. Treaty with Asia. Expanding to Asia is not usually wise early in the game since it is a difficult-to-get continent. No one is usually very strong in Asia and there is no point to make a treaty at this border.
Treaty Example 2b
  1. Treaty with North America. You can make a treaty with North America and expand to Africa or Asia.
Treaty Example 2c

Your choice largely depends on the type of players and the distribution of armies on the map. As you can see, in Option 1, only one treaty with Africa can make Europe as fortress-like as Australia but with two and a half times more extra armies. The pass to victory is already set!

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