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The forum provides you an opprotunity to engage with other Risk enthusiasts to discuss Risk strategies and your hobby. Have any questions on Risk game rules? Or perhaps you are wondering where to play online. This is the place to ask. It is also a good source of tips to know what to do when you want to win the next game.


The site provides a single sign-in, so you can use the forum and also provide comments on articles and basically interact everywhere else.


Total Diplomacy forum Risk strategies


Risk Strategy Guide

This section contains a number of link resources on Risk strategies. 

1. Google Directory

This has a compiled list of sites in different categories such as Fan Pages, Tutorials, Video Games, Variations, etc.

2. Yahoo Directory

Yahoo directory contains a series of links similar to Google.


Directory of links on various topics on Risk.

4. Wikipedia

An article on Risk. Contains useful resources. It even has a culture and trivia.

5. FAQ of Risk

Contains a large number of questions and answer on all aspects of Risk, such as Rules, Probabilities, Non-Standard Variants, etc.

6. How to Win at Risk

Tutorial and strategies on Risk.

7. Risk: The Evolution of a Game

Contains an article on the history of the game.

8. Gaming Corner

An article on useful Risk strategies.

Fan Clubs

1. Risk Nerds

A community Risk site. They seem to have lots of fun when playing Risk.

2. Life is Like a Game of RISK

Another fan club with a number of strategy guides.

3. Risk Global Domination in Chicago

Fan club of Risk.

4. International Risk Tournament of Championship

They hold annual championships for Risk. Apparently they discourage alliances and negotiations, so the game play must be quite different than normally played. Nevertheless, it must be a unique event!

Book: Total Diplomacy, The Art of Winning Risk
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