Subject: My Game:Victory come from Europe(Part 2)
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31 Oct 2007 8:32 AM  

4.Annhilate Grey

      After I easily stabilized Kamchatka,my victory was decided.The situation is shown below:

      Me(Yellow) --- control NA and Europe,also firmly control Kamchatka

      Red --- control SA and Africa,but due to his defensive stance,not much threat for me

      Grey --- control Australia and Siam,weaker than red,and become my first target

      I quickly sent troops to Southern Asia to probe the grey,and then planned to annhilate him in 1 general attack.Meanwhile,the red still adopted the defensive stance and didn't attack me this time(That's why I can win so easily^^).I collected about 40-50 troops(I can't remember the exact number) to attack grey,destroyed his 24 troops at Siam and 16 troops at Indonesia.But he still keep 17 troops at New Guinea.So I reorganized my troops and attack later.He even gained cards later.After about 2 turns,I collected 48 troops to annhilate his last 33 troops at Western Australia.Now the grey was destroyed and I controlled Australia.

5.The Final Battle

      Now red started to attack me and broke into NA and Europe,but that's too late.I can mobilized more troops than him and prepared to counter-attack him.I sent my Kamchatka and Siam troops to organise the Ukraine-Middle East Line.Then he sent his troops to break into Asia continuously until I'm able to hold Alaska firmly.In 1 occasion,he sent about 40 troops and attack Middle East(about 35 troops garrisoned) fiercely,but suffer enormous losses while I only lost half(too lucky for me^^).Soon he abandoned the game I gained the final victory.


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