Subject: calculation before launch the 'one sharp blow'
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02 Feb 2008 9:01 AM  

I think every player should calculate carefully before make the grand move(include conquer the player),As Sun Tze said,'The good strategist place him in the situation that he never lose,' but sometimes the player need to make the bold move to reserve the situation.

Now I give 2 interesting examples that I found from

Example 1:Dozzer's Charge (Classic Map)

about this game,you can found in the by cricking Lady M in top rank list,then choose 'view Lady M's game',then choose 'Rob's game' in the bottom.

Initial Situation:
Computer 1(Orange): occpuied scattered area of Asia
 Computer 2(Purple): occupied scattered area of Africa
            Dozzer(Red): occupied Australia,part of SA and Africa
          Lady M(Grey): occupied NA
             Rob(Green): occupied Europe

Why Dozzer charge?

Dozzer made the fatal move by trying to conquer Rob with insufficient troops in this game.Now let me mention the important course before 'Dozzer's Charge'.

Turn 20:Rob assaulted and captured Greenland(Lady M)
Turn 21(First invasion of Europe):Dozzer's African Corps invaded                              Europe (Rob),ended in failure,thus losing control of Africa
Turn 26(Second invasion of Europe):Dozzer's SA Corps invaded Europe(Rob),suffered
heavy losses,thus losing control of SA
Turn 28:Lady M counter-attacked Greenland(Rob),failed,but captured SA
Turn 30:Rob conquered Computer 2

Rob was slightly weakened,but still controlled vast terrtories of Europe,Africa and half of Asia,but Dozzer charged with just 33 troops......

Turn 31(Dozzer's Charge):Dozzer launched the disastrous assault that trying conquer 
Rob.His troops was insufficient to conquer Rob.Finally,Dozzer couldn't take Greenland(Rob)

Therefore,Lady M gained the final victory.

As you see,'Dozzer's charge' is the result of insufficient calculation.If he calculate more,he won't make such charge.Then he have much chance to win.

Example 2:bubi's strike(Australian Map)

about this game,you can found in the by cricking Lady M in top rank list,then choose 'view Lady M's game',then choose'Lets play Australia' in the bottom.Well,here is the Australian Map.

Queensland 6 bubi
Western Australia 5 bubi
Northern Territory 4 bubi
South Australia 4 bubi
New South Wales 3 bubi
Victoria 2

Initial Situation
bubi(Black) controlled Northern Terrtories
Lady M(Light Pink) controlled Queensland
fire(Grey) controlled Western Australia
Milander(Red) controlled South Australia
habu182(Blue) suicided sparkles(Deep Pink),thus left Victoria in power vacuum

bubi's charge was successful

In this example,the situation is became so powerful gradually,caused bubi plunged into the desperate situation,so forced him to attack after cashed cards.Let me mentioned the course.

Bubi's invasion of Queensland
Turn 7:bubi defeated Lady's army at Mount Isa,sacked Queensland
Turn 11:bubi defeated Lady M's army at Quilple,sacked Queensland again

Milander's swift rise and fall
Turn 10:Milander conquered both habu182 and sparkles,controlled Victoria
Turn 14:Milander's troops passed through New South Wales,destroyed the garrison at Cunnamulla(Lady M),pushed to Charleville
Turn 16:Lady M defeated Milander's army at Charleville,then retreated to Sydney
After that,Milander left the game and was replace by the bot.Lady M was weakened after 3 major battles in Queensland

One sharp blow and the war was over
Watch about bubi's view about 'one sharp blow' strategy first
bubi:it usually happens in the smaller continents. since I have been a victim I started putting all my men to Ural in classic map or somewhere faraway to action like Australian map.

Situation:fire was expanding his force rapidly in Western Australia,thus forced bubi to attack him with all his main troops.

Turn 18(bubi's 'one sharp blow')bubi conquered fire of Western Australia!
bubi's attacking troops:40     fire total troops:53
fire's army outnumbered bubi,but bubi organized his main force at one point,thus became so powerful.Also,the attacker have the advantage.that's why he could conquer fire

After that,bubi easily won the game.

bubi's aggressive stance to his opponents is really a good example for the player.I think that bold move is need,but I'd rather not make such move when it is unnecessary.

So try to calculate more before making the grand move.Otherwise,you can easily make the mistake that probably ruin you in just a turn.

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02 Feb 2008 11:38 AM  
Thanks for the submission. Looks interesting. Unfortunately the history playbacks in Landgrab throw an exception both in IE and Firefox and so it's not possible to see what's going on.

The other thing I liked to know is, having looked at the games, what do you think we should learn from them? You mention that bold move is needed but not when it is not necessary. Can you explain this in more detail. When should you use bold move? When should you attack players strongly and expand rapidly.You also mention that you need to calculate more before attacks. What sort of calculations have you got in mind. Please give us some examples.

Ehsan Honary
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