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04 Feb 2008 9:21 AM  

Risk,is the game mixed of skill and luck.But skill is a more important factor that make you win the game.In my view of the percentage of importance,skill have 70% and luck only have 30%.To owning the great skill,you must learn about calculation.Let me talk about my view.I think the players should consider these things before making a move:

1.How to place/fortify your troops?

--- At the first turn,you'd better concentrate all your troops in the strategic point(Such like the place that connect many continents,it will help you easily take a continent without engage with your opponent)

--- Just remember:Concentratiing troops is always powerful than divided troops

--- Before placing/fortifing troops,you should consider about your strategic plan(eg.where should be lightly or heavily garrisoned?Where is the strategic point?Expand to where?Which player is/are your true threat?)

2.How to launch the offensive?

--- What is your purpose of the attack?(Gaining terrtories?Weakening opponent?Conquering player?)

--- Which attack route is the best?(Thus prevent over-expansion)

--- Do you have sufficient troops to process it?

--- Will the other opponent take advantage of your attack?

--- How to fortify after the attack?

3.Are you able to conquer player in your turn?(It is a fatal blow if you ignore it,because the other player will probably take the opportunity of conquering player)

4.When should you make the bold move?

My answer is when the opponent become very strong and no one can contain his power,you should launch the bold strike to him when you have enough troops.But alliance(though almost impossible in Risk game website) is the best way to weaken him.

In conclusion,Much calculation is the key of the victory.To learn more how to play in Risk game,you may watch the No,1 player Rydawpark,maybe you can learn a lot from him.


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04 Feb 2008 5:00 PM  
Good summary of moves to make. Just a quick correction. You can also have alliances in online games because you can use the chat box. You will not get body language, but you can still communicate. Think of it as online poker!
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06 Feb 2008 2:58 AM  
Yep,there is little chance for you to organize the alliance.Most of the players hate such alliance(even just a treaty).In,there're no secret message chat,only have public one.In,there're a ban of secret message when the host want it.So it mean that declaring alliance is almost impossible(even organizing alliance,just cause the other to make the counter-alliance,thus make the alliance almost useless).

As the mention above,organizing alliance is Risk Game is really difficult,unlike your website say it so easy.

Even so,I still ever experience 1 time of secret alliance.In that game,the player requested me to allied with him to against the others.He even placed heavy troops on my border(a kind of forced diplomacy ==).Thus I accepeted this alliance and our alliance worked well,I even won that game.

Well,I'm planning to put my other victorious game(Japanese Map this time),prepare to watch it!
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Site Admin

06 Feb 2008 5:35 AM  
Nice post Alan. Just a few points on alliances. From what I understand in your post, when you say alliance you refer to a full alliance such that two players will support each other all the way.

However, alliances are not just limited to this extreme version. You can have treaties, border agreements, negotiations over removal of armies from each other's countries and so on. Of course this is not termed as alliance, it is more of diplomacy (which is what this site talks about a lot, among other things).

So now when it comes to online game, if you have an ability to communicate with other people you can do diplomacy. What gets banned is usually "secret" diplomacy and "secret" alliances. If you have a chat box, you are free to get allied with someone else. Just because the other players don't like your alliance doesn't mean you should never do it. There are situations where it can be extremely helpful.

If you can't take advantage of diplomacy in a game, then you are not really doing it properly, by definition. Proper diplomacy can always help. In the end of the day, it is your choice. If you want to win the hard way, that's fine, but there are more subtle ways to win than just to use direct fighting.

The choice is yours.

Ehsan Honary
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