Subject: Learn military skill from my victory at Japan
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07 Feb 2008 9:38 AM  

== Introduction ==
Recently,I have finished my 4-players game of the Japanese Map.I obtained the final victory.In this example,you will see that excellent manuever is the key of the victory(Instead of these unreliable diplomacy in Risk).I used 'Tokugawa Ieyasu' this name in the game.

About this game,you can use search function to realize the whole course.The game name is called 'easy going'.Remember crick 'include completed games' in the search.Here is the Japanese Map.

Name Value Owner
Chubu District 6 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Tohoku District 5 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Chugoku District 4 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Kanto District 4 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Kinki District 4 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Hokaido District 3 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Kyushu District 3 Tokugawa Ieyasu

Initial Situation(Turn 1-14)
Condorito(Purple) controlled Kanto District and part of Chubu and Tohoku District
Magnis(Aqua) controlled Kyushu District,was expanding to Chugoku District
I(Tokugawa Ieyasu)(Red) controlled Hokaido District and Northern Tohoku District
iceburg(Green) controlled Kinki District and part of Chubu District

Early Stage:I conquered Condorito(Turn 1-31)
In the Eastern Theatre,I gained the undisputed advantage
Turn 15:Luckily,I cashed cards when just having 3 cards(And these cards are even different,so I gain 10 additional units).Therefore,I easily overwhelmed the defense of Chiba and captured it,made it become my strong foothold in Kanto
Turn.Besides,I evacuated Akita garrison to Hokaido to counter Condorito's possible counter-attack(He had 4 cards at that time)

After that,Condorito transfered his force to Tohoku District,but he couldn't hold long under my heavy pressure

Turn 23:I soundly defeated him at Hirosaki,capturing Northern Tohoku again

After the battle of Chiba and Hirosaki,he was powerless to counter me now

Turn 31:I conquered Condorito!

Little Conclusion:(1)Numerical advantage is king in Risk,who exploit it,who win
(2)When the other player have been 'contained' already(Here Magnis countered iceburg),he never attack you(If place suifficent garrison)

Early Stage:Magnis versus iceberg(Turn 1-31)
At the western theatre,Magnis and iceburg are in stalemale
Turn 22(First Battle of Sakai)Magnis won the costly victory at Sakai
Turn 24:iceberg reinforced Sakai with the garrison of Atami

Little Conclusion:Their confrontation is really the good situation for me.Thus I'm able to concentrated my army to conquer Condorito without any interference

Mid-Stage:I transfered to Kyushu(Turn 32-43)
My victory at the east finally caused them to concern about me.Thus they started to against me.The situation is quite disadvantage now

Turn 32:iceberg assaulted Nagano(Me)
Turn 33:Magnis launched the eastern invasion,his army marched to Tomakomai,sacked Tohoku,Kanto and Hokaido(all 3 is mine)
Turn 34:In this turn,should I counter-attacked Tomakomai?Surely not,that will leave Magnis have the 7 values continent(also added few continents bonus)!It's the worse move.
I decided to retaliate by placing troops at Akita,then sacked Chugoku and Kyushu through Matsue(which were no garrison this time!)While placing some troops to recaptured some lost terrtories behind Tomakomai('Cut back' Strategy,if Tomakomai Corps turned back to attack,that will decrease some troops on the way)
Turn 36:Magnis recaptured Kyushu
Turn 37:I moved the troops of Obihiro to defend Akita
Turn 39:Magnis recaptured Chugoku,but then made 2 mistakes --- (1)didn't seize the opportunity to capture Kanto by using Tokushima garrison's reinforce (2)assaulted the heavily defended Sakai(Second battle of Sakai),and garrisoned it,left Kyushu defenseless(The troops of Matsue is too weak to defend the homeland)
Turn 40:I easily broke through the defense of Matsue to Kyushu,then transfered all my troops to the easily-defended Kyushu
Turn 41(Third Battle of Sakai):iceberg recaptured Sakai with severe losses
Turn 42:Magnis launched the costly battle of Himeji(iceberg),captured it with great losses(Again,Magnis seems like don't know the importance of preserving troops,he could used these troops to conquer the eastern land(Through Matsue) which was abandoned by me instead of such costly and little profits' attack)
Turn 43:I unified Kyushu

Little Conclusion:Thanks to Magnis' mistake,I'm able to launched the 'Transfer Tactic' to Kyushu,built up the strong force there and paved the way of victory.So 'manuever troops' is also the key of the victory

Transfer Tactic:Moved the main force from the disvantaged place to the advantageous place(it must be in power vacuum or weak defense).It is one of the effective tactics in Risk

Late Stage:Marched to the east and obtained my victory(Turn 44-66)

North-Eastern War(Turn 46-56):The terrtories of north-east changed hand several times between the struggle of Magnis and I,until iceberg finally controlled Hokaido
Invasion of Kumamoto(Turn 50-52):iceberg invaded Kyushu and captured Kumamoto briefly,I launched the counter-attack,pushed to Sakai
Turn 55:I evacuated Sakai troops to Kumamoto to defend my homeland
Turn 58(My Eastern Expedition):I launched the large-scale invasion to the east,sacked Kanto(Magnis),Tohoku(Magnis) and Hokaido(iceberg) and captured Kanto
Successly held Kanto(Turn 59-63):My small troops luckily repelled their attack
Turn 61:I enlarged my domain to 4 districts(Kyushu,Chugoku,Kinki and Kanto),victory is just the matter of time
Turn 64:I conquered iceberg
Turn 66:I conquered Magnis

General Conclusion:If you can balance 'strengthen yourself' and 'weakening opponent'.And seize any opportunity that favor you(eg.take advantage of the opponent's mistake).I sure that victory is not far from you.

I never trust 'diplomacy' as the useful tool in Risk,I just trust my military force(which is the base of diplomacy) and the great manuever skills.The player rarely exploited 'diplomacy' as their tool,they just fight for themselves and not ONLY just against you even you become extreme stronger in some occasions.You may have the diplomatic idea,but your opponents may not have.So 'Diplomacy' is not very useful.Just see it as a little helping tool

Remember,never attack the well-positioned fortification if unnecessary,try to find the opponent's weak point to strike(Avoid strong & Hit weak Tactic).Then you will become more strong while the opponent become more weak,this is the key of the victory



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08 Feb 2008 12:00 AM  
Good post, nice conclusions. You are quite right about finding the weak positions of each player and trying to attack it. Of course the problem is other stronger players want to do the same as well and so you have to compete with them. That's were the tactical attacks (that you seem to like a lot) can be enhanced by diplomacy so you end up benefiting more than other from attacking weaker players.

In any case, good walk through.

Ehsan Honary
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08 Feb 2008 9:18 AM  
Right,I forgot to tell you that this game was played in repeat,about this game,you can use search function to realize the whole course.The game name is called 'easy going'.Remember crick 'include completed games' in the search.Here is the Japanese Map.

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04 Nov 2009 4:30 PM  
Tokugawa, I enjoy reading your stories almost as much as I enjoy playing against you.
(I play agaisnt Tokugawa on LandGrab).

You should explain on here your view about diplomacy. In short, Tokugawa will make a treaty with most other members in the game, then proceed to break his treaties and attack.
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