Subject: My another Australia Map Game(Part 1)
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19 Feb 2008 9:04 AM  

== Introduction ==
This is another Australia game that I have finished.The difference is this map have the 'fortress' system.In these 'fortress' provinces,the defender's dice will +1,thus give them advantage.In this game,I'm called 'Tokugawa Ieyasu'.I won the victory after 31 rounds and 119 turns' course.In landgrab net,the attacker have the advantage,thus control the initaitive become the key of the victory.

To watch about this game,go to and crick 'my first created map' in the search function page,remember to crick 'included computer games'.Here is the Australia Map(but not mark the location of 'fortress')


Name Value Owner
Queensland 6 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Western Australia 5 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Northern Territory 4 Tokugawa Ieyasu
South Australia 4 Tokugawa Ieyasu
New South Wales 3 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Victoria 2 Tokugawa Ieyasu

There're 6 fortresses in the game:Broome(In WA),Alice Springs(In NT),Cunnamulla(In Q),Adelaide(In SA),Sydney(In NSW) and Melbourne(In V)

Initial Situation
california max(Blue) controlled New South Wales
Tokugawa Ieyasu(Me,Green) controlled Queensland,but couldnt hold the continent
jukebox johnny(Tan) controlled Western Australia
tDub14(Grey) controlled South Australia
mahonri(Yellow) controlled Northern Terrtories,but couldn't hold the continent,too
marmot(Purple) controlled Victoria

Indeed,I think that only max and mahonri are experienced player,johnny and tDub14 is quite inexperienced.And marmot just 'turtle' in Victoria in the final-stage of the game,thus I obtained the victory easily even suffer some setback in the game.

johnny-tDub14 War(Turn 21-33)
johnny's total force:~50(at max)     tDub14's total force:~40(at max)

Phase 1:Main Field Battle
Turn 16:tDub14 made a mistake by moving the garrison of Coober Pedy to Tennant Creek,thus left a gap in the west,weakened his 'left flank'
Turn 21:johnny seized this chance to attack,destroyed tDub's troops at Ceduna,captured Ceduna and Coober Pedy.However,he made a mistake,too.He put too much troops to the 'right flank',weakened his 'left flank'(Area around Broome Fortress)
Turn 22:tDub14 gained the powerful reinforcement by cashing cards,assaulted Broome Fortress with 2:1 numerical advantage and ultimately captured it

Phase 2:Battle of Adelaide Fortress
Turn 27:johnny collected the main force at Lake Eyre,planning to take Adelaide Fortress
Turn 28:tDub14 abandoned Broome Fortress(which have 10 garrison!) to reinforce Adelaide Fortress(More mistake,the distance between 2 fortress is very far,thus his 'Broome Corps' have already spreaded his '1' on the way,left only 2 units reach Adelaide Fortress!)
Turn 33:johnny conquered Adelaide Fortress with severe loss,but didn't conquer the weak tDub14 to gain his cards(The real reason is unknown,probably due to his inexperience or tDub almost have no card/s)

The result of their gallant fight was weaken them seriously and was taken advantage by the other player.

Before I continue the course,I hope that you can give some opinion.
1.If you're me(Tokugawa),how do you take advantage of the situation from Queensland?
2.johnny wouldn't lost control of WA if he hadn't bring Leonora Corps to Coober Pedy,and had been so powerful if he annihilated tDub14,do you agree?
3.tDub14 wouldn't be in weak position if he didn't remove the garrison of Coober Pedy before the battle,do you agree?





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