Subject: My other Australia Map Game(Whole course!)welcome to reply!
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20 Feb 2008 8:18 AM  

== Introduction ==
This is another Australia game that I have finished.The difference is this map have the 'fortress' system.In these 'fortress' provinces,the defender's dice will +1,thus give them advantage.In this game,I'm called 'Tokugawa Ieyasu'.I won the victory after 31 rounds and 119 turns' course.In landgrab net,the attacker have the advantage,thus control the initaitive become the key of the victory.

To watch about this game,go to and crick 'my first created map' in the search function page,remember to crick 'included computer games'.Here is the Australia Map.


Name Value Owner
Queensland 6 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Western Australia 5 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Northern Territory 4 Tokugawa Ieyasu
South Australia 4 Tokugawa Ieyasu
New South Wales 3 Tokugawa Ieyasu
Victoria 2 Tokugawa Ieyasu

There're 6 fortresses in the game:Broome(In WA),Alice Springs(In NT),Cunnamulla(In Q),Adelaide(In SA),Sydney(In NSW) and Melbourne(In V)

Initial Situation
california max(Blue) controlled New South Wales
Tokugawa Ieyasu(Me,Green) controlled Queensland,but couldnt hold the continent
jukebox johnny(Tan) controlled Western Australia
tDub14(Grey) controlled South Australia
mahonri(Yellow) controlled Northern Terrtories,but couldn't hold continent,too
marmot(Purple) controlled Victoria

Indeed,I think that only max and mahonri are experienced player,johnny and tDub14 is quite inexperienced.And marmot just 'turtle' in Victoria in the final-stage of the game,thus I obtained the victory easily even suffer some setback in the game.

johnny-tDub14 War(Turn 21-33)

My View:They're fighting the poor-perform battle.Their war bring them no benefit and was taken advantage by the others

johnny's total force:~50(at max)     tDub14's total force:~40(at max)

Phase 1:Main Field Battle
Turn 16:tDub14 made a mistake by moving the garrison of Coober Pedy(north-west of SA) to Tennant Creek(south-east of NT),thus left a gap in the west,weakened his 'left flank'
Turn 21:johnny seized this chance to attack,destroyed tDub's troops at Ceduna(south-west of SA),captured Ceduna and Coober Pedy.However,he made a mistake,too.He put too much troops to the 'right flank',weakened his 'left flank'(Area around Broome Fortress,which is at the west of Tennant Creek)
Turn 22:tDub14 gained the powerful reinforcement by cashing cards,assaulted Broome Fortress with 2:1 numerical advantage and ultimately captured it

Phase 2:Battle of Adelaide Fortress
Turn 27:johnny collected the main force at Lake Eyre(north-east of SA),planning to take Adelaide Fortress(south-east of SA)
Turn 28:tDub14 abandoned Broome Fortress(which have 10 garrison!) to reinforce Adelaide Fortress(More mistake,the distance between 2 fortress is very far,thus his 'Broome Corps' have already spreaded his '1' on the way,left only 2 units reach Adelaide Fortress!)
Turn 33:johnny conquered Adelaide Fortress with severe loss,but didn't conquer the weak tDub14 to gain his cards(The real reason is unknown,probably due to his inexperience or tDub almost have no card/s)

Mahonri conquered both player(Turn 35-45)
Turn 35:Mahonri conquered tDub14
Turn 39:Johnny launched the simpily unwised attack at Broken Hill(max)(the place is at the most north-west of NSW),then retreated to Cunnamulla Fortress(most south-west of Queensland)for the last stand with great loss
Turn 45:Mahonri conquered Johnny

Tokugawa transfered to WA(Turn 26-43)
Turn 26(March to Leonora)Tokugawa brought all his troops to Leonora(just south of Broome Fortress) of WA,thus started his unification of WA
Due to tDub14 abandoned Broome Fortress(As I have mentioned before),I met no resistance in the unification)
Turn 43:Tokugawa unified WA

My View:I transfered to WA is the first step of my victory

The controntion between Mahonri and I(Turn 49-64)
Mahonri's main army went to Cunnamulla in the conquest of johnny.Hence,I was able to hold WA temporarily.However,Mahonri brought his victorious army back to Alice Spring Fortress(south-east of NT) at NT(His traditional home base).I called this event 'Mahonri's return'.It forced me to abandon WA.

Turn 52:I concentrated my army at Barkly Tableland(north-east of NT) and Tennant Creek
Turn 53:Mahonri moved his main force to Broome Fortress
Now we're still in confrontion,but the position was changed each other.We placed our main army at the fortress,thus I decided to call this 'the confrontion of two fortress'
Turn 64(Mahonri's last stand):I launched the assault on Broome Fortress(The initial purpose is just weakening emeny,but when the battle was going well,I was forced to conquer him.Otherwise,the other player would take advantage of this and the situation would get worse)
My attacking force:39     Mahonri's fortress garrison:28   (3:2 advantage)

My View:The victory of Broome Fortress was that I couldn't calculate.But it became the turning point of my force,and even of the game.

War of Queensland(Turn 55-72)
The situation at Turn 55:In this turn,marmot have already controlled Northern Queensland while max captured the south.max and marmot couldn't have any progress at their confrontion of main base(NSW and Victoria),thus decide to expand at Queensland.Their battle at Queensland couldn't be avoided

Initially,marmot seized the initiative and launched 2 assaults,but failed.max counter-attacked with fresh reinforcement and gradually controlled the whole Queensland.However,that result is meaningless.In turn 70+,I have already became the powerful country at the west,frustrated max's ambition of unifing Queensland.

My View:The annhilation of Mahonri,the fall of Broome Fortress also decided the situation of Queensland in Turn 70+

Age of Three Kingdom(Turn 64-115)
After I defeated mahonri in the west.The whole Western Australia was completely under my control.And I was risen to be the most powerful player quickly,was expanding to NT and SA in the east.This also started to induce their concern and they attacked me fiercely.However,my numerical advantage and they spent much troops on their confrontion,caused I overwhelmed them easily.

Phase 1:'Push and Pull' Period
Turn 71:max assaulted and conquered Alice Spring Fortress(Me),sacked NT(Me)
Turn 75-76:max broked into WA,(Me)but was driven back
Turn 79:I assaulted Queensland(max),then assaulted Sydney Fortress(Eastern big province of NSW) but abandoned after heavy loss
Turn 80-83:marmot captured Alice Spring Fortress briefly
Turn 82:I assaulted Queensland again,defeated max at Mount Isa and marched to sack NSW
Turn 88:I defeated max at Mount Isa(2nd battle) again and captured Cunnamulla Fortress
Turn 89-92:marmot captured Alice Spring Fortress again
Turn 91:I compensated my loss of Alice Spring Fortress by controlled Adelaide Fortress and SA(Instead of the direct assault to Alice Spring Fortress)
Turn 92-93:marmot broked into WA and was driven back
Turn 94:I heavily fortified Adelaide Fortress(thus trapped marmot in Victoria) and sacked Queensland
Turn 96:max organised all the troops to Broken Hill,planning to breakthrough my line(The situation was quite desperate for them because I have already controlled most of Australia and in strong position)
Turn 97:I made a critical mistake by dividing my army to defend 2 fortresses at the border
Turn 98:marmot assaulted Adelaide Fortress(Me)
Turn 99('Iron Breakthrough'):max's army broke Adelaide Fortress,went into Broome Fortress of WA,sacked all of my continents on the way

After this,my power was serious shattered and I thought that marmot would won.However,marmot was the inactive and inexperienced player.All he did was just assaulted Adelaide Fortress(I recaptured it) strongly and left enormous army behind instead of quickly took advantage of the situation(capture nsw and expand rapidly)

Phase 2:after breakthrough and I cornered max
Turn 101-115(max's final fate):After the fierce fight,max was gradually trapped and was conquered by me(He should thanks to marmot's inactive,marmot just know 'turtle',never have the good manuever of troops)

My View:max proved he is the great warrior and marmot is opposed.When max and I were seriously weakened,marmot just 'turtle';When max was in peril,marmot turned a blind eye.Thus marmot lost the great opportunity that belongs to him

Gained the victory(Turn 117-119)

Turn 117-119:I finally conquered marmot with giant army

Now I hoped that you can give some opinion.Please post your view if you have.I really wanted to watch your view about this game,such like your comment on the players here.




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20 Feb 2008 9:03 AM  
Let me fix some error.Tennant Creek is at the 'south-west' of NT,not 'south-west'.
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24 Feb 2008 6:53 AM  
There're so slience recently.Maybe everyone don't know how to discuss,let me give some guildlines for you:
1.'Johnny and tDub14 fight the poor-perform battle.Their war bring them no benefit and was taken advantage by the others.' Do you agree?Please explain your view after realize the course between Turn 21-33.
2.In the age of three kingdoms(Turn 64-115),how max and marmot can effectively against me in diplomacy and military?
3.'max proved he is the great warrior and marmot is opposed.' Do you agree?Read the course of the age of three kingdoms(Turn 64-115) and analyze your answer.
4.My victory is due to benefical environment?or due to excellent manuever?Answer this after read the whole passage.
5.Can you point out the player's strategic mistake in the game?
You can also provide the other opinion.I'm waiting for your reply~~
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25 Feb 2008 1:15 AM  
Thank's for the detailed post. I appreciate your effort in providing a history of the game. However, be aware of the fact that not all Risk players are familiar with custom maps such the one you play. As a result it can be very difficult for them to follow a text based on names and try to figure out what happened in the game. Perhaps this explains why no one has replied to you.

To get better feedback, try to put yourself in a reviewer's position who wants to quickly understand what you have done. Explain your strategy in general terms. Use color rather than names for players. A turn by turn history is not necessary since its very difficult to recreate it in our mind. Instead go for brief summary of phases in the game and explain the motives of players and what they tried to do.

We can then understand more about the strategy they used and of course comment on their validity.

I hope this helps. Hope to see more.

Ehsan Honary
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