Subject: Definition of "Control" In Mission Risk
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02 Nov 2008 1:52 AM  


We are having a slight disagreement at the moment and are hoping that one of you out there can help....when a mission card says "control" does that mean that you need to hold onto that continent or territory for a turn? we figure that "conquer" means to win the country on the turn, but are unsure how to define "control"?

any help greatly appreciated - thanks.

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02 Nov 2008 2:21 AM  
Controlling in mission cards also means to conquer but this usually happens with something else, which is why I think it is called control. For example if you need to control Africa and North America means that you need to have conquered them at the same time and be in control of them. It means if you conquer Africa, then lose it, then conquer Norther America, you haven't succeeded in your mission.

That's as I understand it. good luck.
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