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16 Jan 2009 9:45 PM  

Hello all.

This has probably already been done, but I had an idea for a WWII scenario of RISK , where the map will probably look something like this:


Total Diplomacy Risk Map: WWII-Risk
Risk Map: WWII-Risk --- Open Copy in Risk Map Editor

The teams are as follows:


Britain and Commonwealth countries are Blue.

USA are Red.

USSR is Brown.

European Axis, i.e. Germany and Italy is Green.

Japanese Empire is Yellow.

Neutrals are Grey.

The map will begin around the end of 1941.

Blue, Red and Brown are allies while Green and Yellow are also allies.

Each colour has 35 armies to begin with, except the neutrals.

Each colour except neutrals also has a capital. Blue: Great Britain, Red: Eastern United States, Brown: Ural, Green: Western Europe, Yellow: Japan.

If the capital is lost, that colour only gets 50% reinforcements until it is retaken.

Of course, you can have 2-5 players for this.

For two player: Allies vs. Axis

For three player: Commonwealth and USA/USSR vs. Axis

For four player: Commonwealth and USA/USSRvs. Japan and European Axis.

For five player: As shown above.

Please reply with any suggestions or changes you may have, e.g. whether there should  be allied victory or last man standing, as these are just my initial thoughts.

Sorry about the double post, please disregard the other one.

Thank you.



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27 Jan 2009 3:01 PM  
This is a good map. Thanks for presenting it.

It captures the WWII very nicely and is very representative. Of course Risk map is kind of different from the real world so it may probably play differently from what happened in reality. Here are some thoughts.

Lets say Green starts. From Green's point of view, Europe seems to be the best place to go to, though there is one major issue: Great Britain. Removing 18 armies is simply stupid. So Green will probably focus on Africa. It is not contested by any major player and Green already has half of it. Green has a treaty with Yellow. So this move makes sense. Green can get Africa while Yellow will fight Blue.

Next is Blue. Going for Australia is a must. Even though 18 armies are far away from it, Blue got to get Australia if he wants to survive. Blue is allied with Red, though this is not really that useful in practice. The Blue armies in North America are a waste anyway. So Blue probably keeps the 18 in Europe to prevent anyone going for Europe and then concentrates on Australia. Once Australia is secure, he can start focusing on Europe though that is debatable.

Then there is Red. Red is in great position. North America is up for grabs, not much resistance from the others and Red must simply secure NA continent. Then Red should go for South America as it is not well defended, but that will be a few turns later so anything is possible.

Then is Yellow. Kind of stuck in the middle and no where to go. Australia is the best bet, so Yellow needs to move quickly before Blue can do anything. Yellow can succeed if lucky.

Brown is in a continent-less situation. Because Brown is far away from everyone else, he should simply sit tight and let others fight and slowly build up his armies. When ready he can start attacking others.

Black is in good position. He is the only one with a continent, so he has a head start. He has to choose between going to NA or Africa, so he must use diplomacy and negotiate his way through. If he can make a deal with Red, he can then show Green that he has nowhere else to go but Africa and Green must simply leave. Green may comply or may choose to fight. It's hard to tell.

So all in all, its tough for some and easier for others, but everyone can win this game. Initially, Red, Black and Yellow are going to secure their positions and will have an advantage over others. From there it all depends who they decide to fight; the weaker players or each other. So it's pretty much unpredictable.

Anyway, just some analysis. would be cool to play it tough.

Any other ideas ...?

Ehsan Honary
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09 Jul 2010 7:07 AM  

Is imperial takeover able to be downloaded for free?

i really want to create a scenario similar to this and play it out.

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10 Jul 2010 8:39 PM  

Wow, thats a cool map!

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05 Aug 2010 10:46 AM  
Or you could just play Axis and Allies, the board game. LOL. Either way, nice map, well balanced.
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14 May 2012 12:18 AM  

I think we've all tinkered with some WWII variation of RISK at some point.

In my own version (which is more of a 1942 setup), I sorta combined USA and Britain, and then redivided them into North and South.
Another thing I did was to limit which continents each faction could act in. i.e. Japan can attack Asia and Australia only. I also made South America neutral and completely off-limits, and split the Soviet Union off as it's own continent.

So, you end up with something like this:


Total Diplomacy Risk Map: WWII1942
Risk Map: WWII1942 --- Open Copy in Risk Map Editor


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