Subject: how do you play once it's down to a 1v1?
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15 Aug 2009 10:05 PM  

I almost always make it to the last two but I almost never win.  Once it's down to two players I just don't know what to do.  Any tips?


Also almost all my games are online on dominate game.  Dominate game has very limited fortifying rules so that might be a reason I don't know how to play when its's not crowded anymore.  Can someone please tell me the name of the online game thats used in the screenshots for the scenarios and solutions section of this site?

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16 Aug 2009 1:19 AM  
The strategies you use when you get to the two player part are almost completely different from the rest. A lot depends on how you get there. If you already have a strong base that may come to dictate your game. As you might have guessed, the end scenario largely depends how much you can manoeuvre around. Forget about continents. At this point it is all about being able to collect cards, cash them and use them effectively. A common mistake is to be attached to the positions you had for so long in the game. It no longer matters where you are so you may need to simply abandon your original continents for new ones. You always need to plan 2 or three moves ahead. Use fortification to prepare for your next move and always allow for several options so the other player can't guess exactly what you are going to do.

Good luck
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16 Aug 2009 12:09 PM  
Welcome to TD. Indeed as explained by others, the end game is all about experience and using what you already have as opposed to getting something new. In escalating cards games, continent not longer play a major role and you will be much better off by focusing on cards, making you get one every turn and if possible stop the other player. Sometime this might be irrelevant as well and you simply need to focus on your layout and position.

Your fortification rules play a major role as well. Probably the best rule is the fortification rule where you can move as many armies as you like from one territory to another as long as they are connected by your own armies. In my experience, this has proved to be quite an important rule to make Risk highly entertaining and less random. Limited rules, simply cripple the game and you may wonder why you can’t move on.

I have tried dominate before and I remember that the fortification rule was very limiting and no options were given to change it. I suggest you try other online games that use this rule and you may end up enjoying them a lot more. I suggest Grand Strategy if you want to play in a browser or Lux Delux if you want to play in a standalone application.

As for screenshots in the scenario section, they are based on map artwork only used on TD so they are not screenshots of an online game. You can use the Risk Map Editor to make your own custom screenshots if you wish which you can then use to describe your games in the forum with other fans.

Ehsan Honary
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