Subject: Help with difficult situation?
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Grand General HiashiUser is Offline


06 Jan 2010 5:39 PM  

I started a game and ended up in a bad position with the initial troop placement, like shown below. I am blue and have an alliance with black.

Total Diplomacy Risk Map: Team-map
Risk Map: Team-map --- Open Copy in Risk Map Editor

What do you suggest my next move be? Do you think there is anyway to keep green from bulldozing right through me withoout losing massive amouts of soldiers and becomig to weak to fight? I was thinking of moving all of my unnessecary troops from china and Australia to Siam to make a stand. I doubt this will work but it seems to be my best option.

Dan12User is Offline


07 Jan 2010 1:20 AM  
Grand General Hiashi, you seem to be in a tricky situation. Before answering to your questions I think it is important to know the strength of other players in the map. What is the total number of armies for each player? How many armies are in Africa? I think you need to give us more details so we can see the full picture. And by the way, how many cards each player has, how much would they get when they cash them in and what are the fortification rules of the game?
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