Subject: Hello from me and a short survey!
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21 Nov 2010 3:41 PM  

Hi there!

I'd like to conduct a survey, to those who are interested (ideally everyone, I didn't want to copy this thread but I would like a more general opinion), about why they would want to attack a territory.

There are many factors for me to consider, but it helps me to narrow it down to a hypothetical situation where only your attacking territory is considered and we look at a defending territory and its neighbours. Also, please ignore any diplomacy with other players and continents. Only consider the battle between you and the defender.
Here's a short list of defending territory attributes, which you can give a score out of 10; (Copy and paste and rate) 10 being the most likely deciding factor, 1 being the least likely deciding factor. If you are not sure what to put just write 0.

How many armies are in the defending territory?
How many neighbours (any adjacent territories) to the defending territory are there?
How many of the defending territory's neighbours are enemies?
How many armies do the enemy neighbours have?
How many armies does an enemy neighbour have on average?
How many armies does the neighbour with the largest number of armies have?
Do I expect to lose more armies than the defender in the attack?

How many armies does my attacking territory have?
How many neighbours does my attacking territory have?
How many enemy neighbours does my attacking territory have?
What is the average number of armies of the enemy neighbours of my attacking territory?
What is the largest number of armies in an enemy neighbour of my attacking army?

If there are aspects of attacking a territory, regardless of continents/diplomacy, please write them down at the end of the list with your rating Very Happy

Anxiously awaiting your opinions!


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07 Jan 2011 3:27 PM  
At first I felt like participating in your survey but then when I read your questions. There was only one answer I could give. It all depends. And it does depend on diplomacy as well and what stage of the game you are in. Honestly, I don't you would find anyone who would give you any meaningful numbers on these.
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