Subject: World Domination: Manipulating Australia Version 2
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08 Jan 2011 6:30 PM  

So you all know that I made a guide for Australia a while back. Well, after I looked at it for a while, I noticed that it stunk. So here's a new guide for the continent of Australia! This one is way simpler than my old one, and is a whole lot easier and works way better for me.


The Tortoise Strategy

Step 1: When the game first starts, try to maneuver your armies over to Australia. If you already have Australia, then awesome. Move all of your spare armies up over to Indonesia (or whatever it was), to build up a wall. This is very important at the start of the game, because the armies are small and haven't had time to get into higher numbers. Just stay up over here for a while and build up your tortoise. If you need a quick army boost, capture the weakest terrirory next to you, and put one army on it. Just keep doing that every turn and you can get at least a couple of card bonuses.

Step 2: Now, the game's been going on for a few turns, and at least one of the weaker players has been knocked out of the game. Now, look at your opponents' territories with relatively high numbers. If your tortoise is somewhat higher than those and the adjacent territories to you are pretty weak, attack those two territories (I forgot the names). Now you've got yourself two tortoises.

Step 3: Alright, now things get instresting. Just wait for a few turns and build up your bonuses. Then start to expand outward, dividing your toroises into more and more. Make sure that you only get one territory for every couple of turns at this point. Once you get about one fourth of Asia you can speed up a bit. Just make sure that you have only one-army territories on the inside, and all of your toroises on the outside.

Step 4: Just proceed to go and capture Europe. This step is crucial, because Europe has access to half of the continents. While your doing that, take a big army to Alaska via Kamchatka and get rid of North America, and at the same time, get control of Africa.

Step 5: Now you have South America pinned down. Just take it out and bada-boom-bada-bing! You win!

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Site Admin

09 Jan 2011 3:30 AM  
Thanks for your inputs. Though I have some concerns.

Like all pre scripted strategies, there are lots of ifs and buts that are not answered.

What if you could not get Australia in the initial setup? Surely moving half the world just to get to Australia is not advisable.

What if someone else had exactly the same strategy? You will kill each other to the benefit of all others.

When you say tortoise, I imagine you are talking about the turtle strategy, which is about concentrating all your armies in one spot, so you are too expensive to be attacked but remain a threat. In your Australian tortoise strategy, you keep dividing the force as you spread. This is not a turtle strategy any more. This is just the usual strategy of concentrating your armies on your border rather than inside. How would you deal with someone who has followed a turtle strategy and say put all his armies in Middle East?

Ehsan Honary
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14 Jan 2011 9:37 AM  
*cough, cough* Excuse me, I could not urge to make little comments.

"I follow step one, then step two, then step three, let everything according to my plan" Oh, how brilliant you're. Let the world turns based on your "notion". You do not need to think about how your opponents/rivals make his next move.

Well, that might be called "strategy", but never the good "strategy" when you do not take the others' sides' movement/response as the account. I'm surprised that even Ehsan Hosary fail to notice this point. The good strategy always have "backup" plan instead of following the same principle/route.

Before the Battle of Waterloo, one of the British officer asked the Duke of Wellington have he devised any strategy to against Napoleon.

Wellington replied, "I do not know about Napoleon's plan, how could I possible devise any strategy to against him?" This was the word come from the great general.

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