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11 Feb 2013 9:40 PM  

 Hi, a few years ago, I played a few games to the Lord of the Rings version of Risk.  It was cool but I didn't remember much.

What were the major differences between the traditional Risk and the Lord of the Rings version?  Have you ever tried this game?  How did you find it?

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17 Apr 2013 7:41 AM  
Well, the major difference between these 2 boards are the maps and number of territories. The Middle Earth board is much mroe spaced out, and has the extra option of a 'port' (which essentially allows separate territories with the port symbol to attack each other).

There are several similarities in that Harad on LoR is like Australia on Classic. Its a good turtling position. Meanwhile, you have other larger, harder to hold continents, very much like Asia on Classic.

Although you'll have to change your specific decision to suit this different sized board, your general strategy from traditional Risk can still be applied to the Lord of Rings version. I personally like the complexity and sheer size of the LoR board. You have larger empires, more players (I especially like this because of the extra diplomacy, and well, also the chaotic feel its provides xD).

Its great fun, and a nice, interesting change to traditional Risk!
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