Subject: Choke Points
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07 Apr 2007 8:50 AM  
Choke Points are points on the board that you can easily control the baord from. If you can control these points you can have a large advantage in a game. The major choke Points are:
    Brazil-South America
    Ontario-North America
    Northern Europe-Europe
    North Africa-Africa
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    15 Apr 2007 4:44 PM  
    Sorry, I don't really does controlling Congo give you an advantage? I can see it with East Africa, possibly (it can access every other territory in Africa) but I don't really see it with Congo.

    Can you please elaborate?

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    30 Apr 2007 3:42 PM  
      Congo-Africa  -> not really, what does this do for you?
      Afghhanistan-Asia -> again not really. not that critical.
      Kamchatka-Asia -> this one is critical because of access between North America and Asia
      Brazil-South America -> Yes, between 2 continents
      Ontario-North America -> why Ontario?
      Northern Europe-Europe -> Yes, kind of. But then again how about Ukraine, or South Europe
      Indonesia-Australia  -> how about Siam as a more practical choice
      North Africa-Africa -> yes, pretty much the same as Brazil
    And you misses Middle East, Iceland, Ukraine, Egypt ... there are a few indeed.
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    26 May 2007 10:50 PM  
    Congo-Africa...Not at all, it simply doesn't follow the definition of a choke point, period.
    Afghhanistan-Asia...More of a trader territory, that noone really owns and just use it to get risk cards.
    Kamchatka-Asia... still not much of a choke point, as the asians and americans can expand in other directions. However, it can prevent access to asia quite well on the other hand.
    Brazil-South America...a nice point, two continent divider.
    Ontario-North America-huh? i think you mean alaska? in that case its a decent choke point, however it doesnt stop one from getting asia, becoming extremely powerful, and in the end destroying your choke point.
    Northern Europe-Europe...i'm not seeing that.
    Indonesia-Australia...A  GREAT choke point. trap the enemy in australia, expand elsewhere, then when you are ready take australia down. its better than siam, becuase it stops anyone from getting the australia bonus.
    North Africa-Africa...decent, hard to defend though.
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