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Subject: Rules of the orignal RISK board game
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Adam BraveUser is Offline


04 Jan 2016 8:57 AM  


My girlfriend bought the board version of the original RISK game which I never played. Reading the rules in the guide I caught the essence of the game but there are some details that are not explicitly stated in the guide. For example:

Under the rules that come with the board, I have to leave always a battalion in my territories whenever I make an attack or maneuver. But what happens or what can I do when I'm in a situation where you have only one battalion in each territory? Should I just give up of one of those territories to get more battalions in others? The rules give the impression that I can not leave the conquered territories but in this scenario that would lead to a deadlock situation.

Second question, when I attack and conquer a territory with, for example, two battalions, the guide says these two battalions have to stay in that territory. This is valid until the end of the game? or is it just in this move? If it is until the end of the game (something that I think makes no sense but it's implicit in the guide), it would be necessary to decorate with how many battalions each player conquered each territory what could be troublesome.

Thanks in advance!

Ehsan HonaryUser is Offline

Site Admin

05 Jan 2016 12:25 AM  
Hi Adam

Welcome to the world of Risk :-)

Here are the answers:
During a Risk game, each territory must always have at least one army (or now called battalion) in it. This is a fundamental rule because it means that at all times, each territory is always owned. Don't worry about a situation where you only have one army in every single one of your territories. This is rare but if it does happen, the next turn you will get at least three armies (or more if you have cards) which you can place anywhere and get back into the game. So there won't be a deadlock of this kind.

As for the second question, as a rule, you don't have to keep any armies in a fixed position. You can use the fortification move to move them at the end of each turn, or while attacking and conquering.

Hope this answers it.

Ehsan Honary
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