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Scenarios and Solutions


The purpose of this section is to exchange strategies for a given situation in the game of Risk. The idea is to learn by example.

A series of scenarios are presented below. These have been carefully designed to reflect different aspects of the game, especially in those situations where many solutions may lead to victory.

Each scenario may have many solutions. These are provided in detail for each scenario. For each scenario you can submit your solution as well which other members can also examine and comment on. 

A representative sample of the best and most popular solutions are then selected and expanded in the solutions section of each scenario. In addition you can also vote for the best solutions for each scenario.

To easily follow solutions, the following numbering format is used:

[Scenario Number].[Solution Number]

Hence, 1.B is solution B to scenario 1.

Good luck and enjoy.




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Scenario 7: Revenge

Saturday, June 9, 2007
12213 Views :: 6 Solutions :: Article Rating :: Diplomacy, Online, Player Profile, Psychology
Risk Game Scenario 7: Revenge Position A

What if you have a history with another player? This happens all the time. You play a few games and you start to get ruthless as the games progress. You develop a history. Even if you forget what you have done to others, they may not forget it. There comes a time when they want to take revenge and they may attempt this when you least expect it.

Hence, you always need to be prepared and ‘remember’ the history between you and other players. If you suspect that a player is planning to take revenge; you need to contain him or remove him from the game. However, saying this is easier than done. The following scenario illustrates this concept.

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Scenario 6: Wrong Move

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
11013 Views :: 26 Solutions :: Article Rating :: Diplomacy, Online, Psychology

Risk Strategies, Scenario 6: Wrong Move

Playing online Risk games is always different from playing with the board game. Performing diplomacy with text chat isn't quite the same. Nevertheless, the capability is there and it is possible to use it to perform some limited diplomacy.

In one of my online games, as it turned out, my diplomacy backfired completely. Here is what happened.
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Scenario 5: Stuck in Asia!

Saturday, March 3, 2007
11219 Views :: 19 Solutions :: Article Rating :: Diplomacy, Online, Treaty, Player Profile
Risk Strategies, Scenario 5: Stuck in Asia

Let's look at this scenario in detail. The idea is to examine it from all angles and find out what is the best outcome.


You were originally in Africa, but you decided that it was too competitive and if you stay there you will be squeezed between Brown and Yellow. So you decided to leave and make your luck elsewhere.

You went to Asia and adopted a strategy of slow concentrated growth. All you wanted was not to get kicked out of the game.

Meanwhile, everyone else was busy conquering their continents secure. Blue has just managed to get his continent. Green will get Europe in one turn. Yellow and Brown already have their continents, but are aggressively competing over Africa.

Brown was clever earlier on. He made a treaty with Blue over Central America not to be attacked. He has since counted on this and has moved all his armies to a single front, which is helping him greatly to fight in Africa.

All players are quite experienced.

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