Use Risk Map Editor to Create Any Desired Risk Map

Ever wanted to visually show other fans how well did you do in your Risk game? You can now use the Risk Map Editor to do just that.

With Risk Map Editor, you can reconstruct different world configurations and produce an image of the map. You can then submit this image to your forum posts to describe your particular situation in a better way. 

Risk Map Editor allows you to:
  • Make a Risk map with distributed armies of up to 6 players.
  • Add arrows of different shapes and colors to describe treaties, alliances, invasions, eliminations or anything you like.
  • Add notes to illustrate key point directly on the map.
  • Save and reload the map for future use or modifications.
  • Manage your Risk maps in your account based on your given quota.
  • Load a copy of a Risk map made by another user to modify and use to make a response or just as a baseline for a new map design.
  • Post Risk maps to the forums and engage over long discussion over tactics, strategy and diplomacy


 Total Diplomacy - Example of Risk Map Editor


Total Diplomacy - BOMS (Bold Move Sequence) Graph


This service is provided free of charge. Risk is a great game and there is a lot to learn from it. Join the fans and let them know what you think.

Get started now:

Risk Map Editor


Total Diplomacy - Risk Map Editor


To use the Risk Map Editor, you need to be registered on this site. This is easy and it’s free. Once registered, you can participate everywhere on the site.  

See examples of maps: Standard Map, BOMS Graph

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