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The Mind Gym: Wake Your Mind Up

By Ehsan Honary :::: Thursday, March 22, 2007

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Mind Gym Team, (2005) The Mind Gym: Wake Your Mind Up. Time Warner Books.

This is a self-help book designed to give you a boost in life. It is very well thought out. The book is stylish in terms of delivery of the material and is always engaging. You will learn how to influence others by following a set of simple techniques. What happens when you give up your dream and why? You will learn how not to feel like an outsider in a conversation. Perhaps, the most important is to know how to control the flow of conversations. Emotionally charged sentences that sound good may only get you ahead in the short term. By considering the long term goal, you can be much more effective in choosing the right words and eventually get to your goal.

The techniques presented in this book can help you to be more effective when dealing in negotiations in Risk.