Subject: A Brisk version of Risk
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13 Feb 2013 5:40 PM  

 Hi there - I need some feedback on a new game mechanic for the board game risk, with a drive to encourage attacks in favour of defending strategies.

• Location-fixed abilities will be implemented by giving attack bonuses for border territories in the form of a +1 being applicable to one of the dice rolled per attack. This can allow a tied roll (usually won by a defender) to be won by an attacker. E.g. an attack from Brasil against West Africa wherein both roll a six, but the +1 for the attacker means he wins that combat. This means that rather than defending at the border territory, players will be encouraged to attack before they are disadvantaged by the opposite attacking force.
• Steadily decreasing resources will be implemented as depletion of food resources in heavily garrisoned territories. This will be implemented as an extra fourth phase in each turn wherein every territory will lose one battalion if
o There is more than one battalion present
o That territory was in the player’s possession at the beginning of the turn (i.e. it was not conquered this turn)
o There were no attacks from that territory in this turn (i.e. the battalions did not fight this turn)
o There were no maneuvers involving these battalions this turn (i.e. those battalions were all there at the beginning of the turn and did not move anywhere this turn).
For example, if red player starts his turn occupying the Australian continent and has two battalions in Eastern Australia, cannot attack any neighboring territories as they are all his and decides to use his maneuver move on another territory other than Eastern Australia, will end up losing one of his two battalions. 

I will much appreciate your feedback before the 24th of February 2013.
In particular I would like you to answer these questions:
- Whether the duration of the game actually is decreased (take 2hrs as an average game duration)
- Whether the perceived length of the game is felt to be less, due to the less staticstate of the game
- Whether the player perceives a decrease in the number of plausible moves in being 'forced' to play

Many thanks beforehand

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