Subject: Art of War online board game officially relaunched
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22 Feb 2014 11:51 AM  

Play Risk Online

I'm the site owner of Art of War, a browser-based online game in the style of Risk, but with many custom variations.  Most of the maps on the site have been created by users at Cartographer's Guild. The site has just officially relaunched, with an entirely new codebase, new maps, and improved gameplay.  I'd like to invite everyone here to come along and play.

Multiplayer and team games are available, as well as community forums, and an interface where players can create their own board games from scratch.  The game is free to play, with up to 4 concurrent games per player, and will remain free forever.  The community is currently small but quite active, and development on the site is extremely active.

Features include:

  • An intuitive point-and-click interface designed to work in all modern browsers and touchpad devices (mobile support limited at the moment)
  • Currently five maps of excellent quality - World, World Tribes, USA, South America, and Medieval Europe - though more coming in very soon
  • Multiple gameplay options that can be selected when creating a game, to allow for many different game variants
  • Games ranging from 1v1, up to 42 player games split in any way (e.g. 21v21, 6 teams 7-a-side)
  • Different playable Eras, that have their own battle rules and troop types
  • Project interface where players can create their own board games from scratch, or use components that other users have published to piece together a new board game
  • Community forums where players can meet-and-greet, discuss the game, report any issues or talk about anything in general
  • Excellent graphics and attention to detail, especially in regards to historical accuracy of maps and empires

Here are some screenshots to whet your appetite:
Play Risk Online
Risk Online Free
Free Online Board Games
Play Risk Online Free
Free Risk Online
Online Game Game
Remember, it's free to play, you just need to register an account to gain access to joining games.  Hope to see you there.


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