Subject: World War II Risk SECOND EDITION
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01 Mar 2017 11:52 PM  

Hello, friends! Back in 2010, I published a ruleset on this website for a World War II variation of the game. Since then, I've recieved some consistent and excellent feedback on the ruleset. The original thread can be found here.

Over the years of playing it and recieving feedback from other players around the world, I've developed a new and much-improved second edition. The rulebook can be access via the Google Drive link at the very end of this post.

Firstly, I have reworded some of the rules, removing some of the ambiguous wording. This was the most common piece of feedback received. 

Secondly, I have readjusted the map to more accurately reflect the world as of June 1940. Previously, the placing of different territories for each nation was only with balanced gameplay in mind. Now, the territories are distributed in a more historically accurate manner. This was the earliest period that I found all six factions to be active participants in the war. Additionally, the perks have been readjusted to ensure a continued, balanced game. Due to the start time of the game in correlation to the actual war, I have created a few new rules for the United States’ player to benefit the Allies as a whole.

Thirdly, I have added benefits and drawbacks to each nation, as complementary to the perks system. These benefits and drawbacks are different for each nation and dramatically affect how each nation works towards it’s victory conditions. Fourthly, I reworked how nuclear weapons are used to prevent both abuse and underuse. Fifthly, I have integrated the “Unconditional Surrender” and “Rearmament” rules - previously available as optional rules for advanced play - as a vital part of the game.

Finally, I have added an entire new bonus expansion to the game meant to emulate the conditions of the Cold War! It works no matter who wins the World War, though it does take some careful planning to set up.

I hope you enjoy the Second Edition! I continue to welcome feedback on this new edition. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, or death threats. I am, always, humbly yours,

~Revan Filiaexdeus

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