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21 Oct 2007 2:42 AM  

If my continent is invaded and even captured by the stronger player who don't leave his continent well-defended and stable,should I counter-attack him from the other side of the continent(Which is poorly-defended) and stay the troops there?

eg.In 1 of my game.Someone from Africa send 31 troops to invade my SA(only 17 troops defend it,8 troops at Mexico),I send 20 troops to attack Africa from the east(initially at India),but I leave the troops at North Africa and then get destroyed.....(Anyone can point out my strategic mistake here?)

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21 Oct 2007 8:44 AM  
This is a good question. The answer depends mainly on how you stand against other players. You should always try to balance the game and make sure you are not too weak against others. So when a strong player attacks you, you need to respond while simultaneously do a move that doesn't cost you too dearly. If you become too weak, then either the strong player or other players may come to eliminate you.

In this case, you have done the right move to attack the strong player anyway you could, even from east. That is a good response to teach him a lesson and show him that you are not that weak after all. But, you shouldn't go into a war of attrition with him. He will have the initiative and if he is stronger, he can carry on until you lose. So once you attacked him, remove your armies from his continent and don't give him any more excuses to attack you. I know it can be difficult if you are thinking of revenge. But wait for it, your time will come.

Ehsan Honary
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22 Oct 2007 9:30 PM  
If the other players are relatively strong compared to you just "migrate" to an isolated place. Just make sure you get your cards. If the other players are weak or equal to you use diplomacy to gang up against the strongest player

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21 Nov 2007 4:37 PM  

I agree with both prior statements.  First you need to evaluate your standing in the game in general.  If you are weak to start with, your opponents are using good strategy to attack you in South America since that is a relatively easy continent to take and keep and adds only one border.  I might have attacked you even if you hadn't done anything to provoke me (unless you were my ally).  The key is to prevent this from happening in the first place.

1. Don't let your neighbors get too strong and at the same time don't antagonaize them as to give them an extra reason to attack you. 

2. When your neighbors do get stronger, begin the diplomacy process.  Even you don't generally have alliances in your game, at least try to get a ceasefire for one or two turns or a "gentlemens'" agreement so you can build your forces a little.  Begin diplomacy early before the situation gets out of hand.  If you laid the ground work early (you need me, I need you, being the good cop, etc.) once he does get significantly stronger than you, hopefully you'll have a friend anyway. 

3. When being nice fails, remember to play the, "if you attck me, I stop at nothing for revenge" card.  I use this sometimes to intimidate people to prevent their attacking me.  You need to back up your word though and it sounds like you have done that here.  After a while, your opponents should see a connection between their invading you and their subsequent failure.  You need to really make them pay though and cripple them.  Take out their continent, several territories and even a mega-stack or two if you can.  Try to get others into the game as well and have them help you finish him off.  In one game when a new player backstabbed me, all of the other players collectively eliminated him in my name.  I stayed in the game long enough to place higher than him and teach him a lesson.  

4.  Finally, if you just can't attack because you do have a prfoundly wealer position in hte game, emigrate to a territory that is out of the way, and turtle.  Build up your forces slowly out of everyone's way and stay in the game as long you can.  Get cards and find a way to last as long as you can.  You can get your revenge later, it doesn't have to immediate.   

Grant Blackburn
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