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08 Jan 2008 7:31 PM  

I'm presently engaged in a 1v1 risk game, without neutral armies.  My opponent has taken up the strategy of trying to conquer as many territories as possible.  I'm not sure whether it would be better to take up this strategy, or to concentrate on taking over and holding continents as I would normally play.

I've just ended my turn, so my opponent should recieve about 10 armies, which isn't looking good at all.

Here's what the board looks like presently.... Any thoughts?



Total Diplomacy Risk Map: 1v1
Risk Map: 1v1 --- Open Copy in Risk Map Editor



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09 Jan 2008 5:17 AM  
I assume you are Blue. Looks like an interesting game.

Towards the end game, you usually don't need to get continents, because it becomes relatively easy to lose them. Instead always focus on pushing your opponent to one side of the map so you can end up with minimal number of borders even if your empire is very large. This way you can concentrate and attack.

In addition, don't spend too much armies getting as many territories as possible. To some extent is good, but should not be overdone as Red has done in this game. The problem is that you lose too many armies in battles for no gain and you also dont have any concentration to do something with.

This is why you should try to attack the concentration of armies rather than small 1-army territories.
So in this game, if Red gets 10 his best move is to place in North Africa and have a go at you. You lose your continent and will be demoralized. If you got 10, you should make sure Red has no continents (like Australia ) and then attack NA so you can minimize your number of borders eventually (to Greenland, North Africa and Kamchatca). In this game Red seems to have a momentum, so you need to gain little by little to get back to normal. Always be on the lookout to exploit your opponent's mistakes. That could be your only chance, so don't miss it.

Ehsan Honary
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