Subject: Mistake or Skill?
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24 Jan 2008 6:45 AM  

== Detailed Course ==

Turn 4:The sharp confrontion

      nascarnik quickly took control of Victoria(2 value) initially,then heavily garrisoned Melbourne Fortress,forced me put all my troops to defend Adelaide Fortress.

      Meanwhile,the inexperienced Gatesy launched the unwise attack on Broome Fortress(6 attack 10),ended in failure.Gatesy left the game soon and was replaced by the bot.
Turn 16 & 20:My Wheeling Operation

      Sawing that nascarnik left a hole in his terrtories,I exploited this opportunity to 'rotate' to his rear.

Turn 21:The rise of Club

      In this turn,Club conquered bot Gatesy with only 15 troops(need to destroy 16 troops on the way).Then he cashed cards and suddenly became strong that I didn't expect.

Turn 24 & 26:My terrtories was shrinking

      Club's dice was just too lucky.His 20 army sweeped New South Wales without serious loss,thus gained the upper hand.Later I sacked his terrtories,but that couldn't weakened him significantly.

 Turn 28:The lost of Victoria

 Turn 28-30:The last stand at Adelaide Fortress

First invasion:nascarnik cashed cards and directly assaulted Adelaide Fortress,I only had  11 units to defend(with no leader this time),but luckily repelled his attack.Thus his whole army was shattered at once.
                       nascarnis loss:24   my loss:4

Second Invasion:Club invaded this time.I only had 9 units this time(with leader).His troops easily overwhelmed the defense of Adelaide and conquered me
                        club loss:12   my loss:all

      After that,club easily defeated nascarnik in the game.

      Anyone have opinion about this?Can my defeat blame to luck?Or my strategy was going wrong?Please give me some opinion after watching History Playback in the website. <----- This is the website,just copy and paste(It shows the course of this game)

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