Subject: The relations between the geographic location and strategy(Classic Map)
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10 Mar 2008 8:32 PM  

=== Introduction ===

In Risk,the different continents have various advantage and disadvantage.If we can realize these things.Then we can set up our strategy that benefit us most.Now let me analyze we should adopt what kind of strategy in different continents.The content below is just appropriate to many players' game.

Australia --- The 'Britain' isolated from other areas

Australia is many people's favor(Me,too!) because it is easily-defended and never worry to be invaded by the other players.Thus if you have it,you can easily proceed the slow expansion and preserve the powerful army.It is just like Britain,which is quite small and have the English Channel to protect it.

The strategy you should adopt:

1.Commonly,you may adopt the 'isolated policy' initially,don't establish any long-term alliance or treaty with the others.Then you can strengthen your force gradually without interfering the other's battle.
2.However,when the tide of 'balance of power' start to be changed,you must react to contain the strong opponent's expansion,retain the 'balance of power'(contain the others,not YOU) as you can.Simpily say,your role is to be 'the wheel of balance' now in this period.
3.When the others exhaust their energy on their war,it's time for you to end the game.

Europe --- 'Born encricled' Germany before WW1

Europe is hardly to defend due to its enormous borders.Multi-fronts war is undoubtly very unwise even you're so stronger(Except you have undisputedly overwhelming power).Therefore,you should focus on counter one player while leaving the others alone.It requires skillful diplomacy and good military skills.

The strategy you should adopt:

1.In diplomacy,you may try to have a treaty with the NA opponent or Africa opponent,depend on they're strong or weak.
2.In military,if you unsuccessfully establish any treaty,then try to gather most of your troops to counter your one neighbour.

Africa --- The strategic centre of the world

Africa is not difficult to defend.North Africa is the excellent choke point,not only provide the strong place to counter the threat from SA,but also act a 'jumpboard' between 3 continents.

The strategy you should adopt:

1.You often plan to conquer SA,because the conquest just add only 1 border to your kingdom,that is valuable for you.If your aim is SA,try to set a treaty with Europe.
2.Remember,always garrison North Africa heavily when the neighbour of Africa still post threat.

SA --- 'The locked fort'

SA is pinned between NA and Africa.It just have 2 values.Hence,occupy it is difficult to expand,and even defend.

The strategy you should adopt:

1.You must remember to leave one STRONG army at Asia to taking cards.Otherwise,you're unable to get cards when you're 'blocked' in SA(Even you leave small 'taking cards' army,it will be probably destroyed by the European or Australian player)
2.Your effective expanding plan is have a treaty with the one neighbour and against the other.

NA --- The king of expansion

Why I call it 'the king of expansion'?The reason is simple.The NA player can easily extend their force to Europe,SA and the front of Africa and Australia through Asia.

The strategy you should adopt:

1.Undoubtly,SA is always to be the great expanding aim.(conquer it won't increase any border for you!)
2.Try to control Northern Asia firmly if possible.After that,you can attack Europe,Africa and Australia from that direction.

Asia --- The undefendable continent

No one is able to capture Asia at the early stage.Only the newble try to doing it initially.That's impossible to control it before occuping Australia.If you can control it firmly,You surely win the game.

The strategy you should adopt:(Here I anticipate you also capture Australia)

1.Remember,unify Asia is always the dangerous move.It will undisputedly launch the 'source of conflict'.Thus,don't do that before you have grand force.
2.I suggest you leave some 'reserve troops' at Siam.Then even your opponent break into Asia,you can still hold Australia.

=== Conclusion ===

Indeed,using the suitable strategy depend on different situation is far more important than what I say above.The solid strategy never work in the game.With 'Turtle'(establish the strong force) and 'Seizure'(Seize any opportunity to expand or annihilate),you can gain the victory easily.







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