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04 Apr 2008 5:56 PM  

The game will be 2v3. Im on the team with only two players. How do i win against the opposing team? By the way, we're gonna be playing the Risk 2210 version. I need some suggestions please, the game will be in a couple of hours. Any help is appreciated and thanked in advance. Me and my ally were talking earlier about him taking N. America and me taking South America and early on. Then my ally would stock up on austrailia and we would just push our way east accross the map, is this a good idea or,,,??

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05 Apr 2008 6:36 AM  
Good idea.If you both capture NA and SA.Then you both not only can operate effectively with conjuctive position(with only 3 borders!So easy to defend!),but also prevent to be 'encircled' by the opponents(Adopt that your opposed team capture Europe,Africa and Australia).

Now assume that your opposed team capture Europe,Africa and Australia:

I suggest your ally should launch the eastern offensive instead of 'pushing west'.The player of Australia have the well-defense,your ally can't break it(And don't forget that he have other 2 players' reinforce.To attack Australia,you must weaken European and African players first,thus it's not worth to do it initially).Also,control the terrtories of Asia don't have much benefit to you,thus don't focus on there!

Therefore,'Eastern expansion' is the only choice for both of you.Your ally go to invade Europe while you assault Africa,and try to firmly control North Africa.When you have the strong beachhead at North Africa,then Europe and Africa will fall to your hands.The Australian player won't pose much threat to you because he can just attack your terrtories through Alaska.Placing sufficient troops is enough to defend it.

After you clear Europe and Africa,then you both can occupy most of the world with huge power.After that,annihilate the remaining opponent's force at southern Asia and Australia.Now you obtain the victory!

As you see,you can't just focus on 'how to expand',but also concern 'how to weaken the others'.Moreover,you shouldn't attack the well-fortified place such like Australia(Except he is in weak position).As Sun Tze said,'Don't attack the magnificent position!'If you can avoid the strong force,hit the weak and isolated force.Then even the inferior force is able to conquer the larger force in Risk.

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