Subject: Discuss the rise of the great power through this battle report
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16 May 2008 4:20 AM  

      Does anyone find that you're always unable to become the great power in the game?If you're,I strongly advise you watch this post.If not,then absorp something or just enjoy it if you want in this post.

      Recently,I'm playing a classic-map(with 3 provinces of Antarctica(2 values) at the south which connect with SA and Australia!Hence,SA value adds to 3!)game in Landgrab Risk.There're 6 players in the game.I'm the green one.Finally,3 great powers(include me) emerged.Here is the started situation:

green(me) controlled Europe,appeared weak initially and threatened from two sides(Europe and Africa)
grey controlled NA,appeared quite strong
red controlled SA,appeared quite strong,too
black controlled Africa,appeared quite strong,too
blue controlled Antarctica,appeared quite strong,too
tan controlled Australia,also strong

The risk of green(me)

Concentrate more force on one point(Wedge formation)

      Due to my weak situation at Europe and facing the strong black.Thus I decided to focused heavy force at 1 point in the Europe-Africa front.Then if black dare to nail my continent,I can nail his too!Later black really didn't attack Europe.

Battle of Greenland-Iceland(green victory)

      grey quickly seized NA as his base.However,the tan launched the unwise attack on him and weakened him a brief.

      But even his domain was sacked and the possibly threat from SA and Europe(me).He still attacked me from NA with almost equal troops,but was unluckily repelled.Now I scared pincered from 2 sides,boldly counter-attacked him and sacked took advantage of grey's weakness(the garrison of CA have already weakened after the failed attack to Europe) and annihilated CA corps from SA.

      Now grey's force was completely ruined after just a round.If he didn't assault to Europe,he would probably rose to the rank of great power.

My opinion:One turn move can ruined your kingdom before you become the great power.Hence,to be prudent is the way to strengthen yourself.Also,if you're encircled from two-sides threat,try to reduce one,then you can bring your army to the other front.This is the important way to become strong from weak.

Grand invasion of Australia(green defeat)

      I gradually became strong in short time.Later I easily conquered grey and became more powerful.Meanwhile,blue and tan have already exhausted their power in their long conflict.And black and red was too strong to attack.Hence,I prepared to achieve my great ambition by conquering Australia which was controlled by the weak tan.

      After easily subdued Siam,left 10 garrison there,but then the battle was not going well.And I couldn't capture Australia and it was captured by the powerful red(who already conquered blue at Antarctica) later.Though this loss,I still gained the powerful reinforcement turn by turn,the loss couldn't compare to my powerful force.

My opinion:To maintain your great power's statue,you must expand continually.Choose the weak player's continent(s) is always the ideal decision.Even the expanding campaign fail,you won't lost much.

The risk of red

Wait and then strike

      red who took control of SA was also the experienced player.He gathered force before the true opportunity came.After the battle of Greenland-Iceland,he quickly seized this chance to assault,easily solved one threat,paved the way of becoming great power.

My opinion:to become the great power,you must learn carefulness.Don't launch the rash attack to the strong force.But when the opportunity come,you must grip it at once.Otherwise,don't dream to build up your empire!

Decisive victory of Antarctica

      red rose fast at SA.After blue was exhausted in the long war with tan.He suddenly cashed cards and launched the fierce attack with numerical advantage(36 vs 20).He finally subdued Antarctica with terrible loss.But his 'terrtorial bonus army' and strong force covered this loss.After this conquest,he expanded to Australia.

My opinion:When to launched the mortal blow to your emeny is the important question.Don't look slightly to 1 turn.It can changed many things,include your rise or fall......

The rise of black

Peace and grow

      the rising history of black was completely just grew his force without any significant military action(even his way of taking cards was blocked).But black had the strong army to defend Africa,composed of the 'impregnable fortress'.It's too strong to attack(who attack Africa was simpily unwise).

My opinion:This is also the way to rise!

As you saw,the road of 3 players' rise was different:
green(me):Secure and expand
red:Wait and strike
black:Peace and grow

Please give some opinion about this post,I want to hear your view.

G.I. JoeUser is Offline


18 May 2008 6:05 PM  

     Sounds like it was a good game. With the people I play with, I find myself, more often than not, to be one of the powerful players. I'm not sure that there is one definitive thing that creates a powerful player, but here are some of the things that I think are essential to becoming a strong force.
     Right from the start, a power can develop if he/she obtains a solid starting spot. If you aren't playing random starting spots, stake out some prime real estate to make your home. Occupying a whole continent within the first 2 turns will easily put you in an early lead.
     After a couple of turns, location is put on the back burner and diplomacy becomes the most influential aspect of the game. One thing that I try to do whenever I make an offer to someone, is to make sure that they are doing more work than I am, thus making them weaker. If a person is able to control their allies during an alliance like this, they will gain a lot of power once the alliance is up.
     Being the last person to play can also be beneficial if everyone holds on to their cards until they have to play them. Catching some good dice rolls helps. Also, I found out on Saturday that getting a set of cards when you need it would really help.
     As for your game, the three grand strategies that you listed at the end were the best for each player that used them. I also like the way you phrased them, because those 3 words each can describe a good strategy, without putting geographical constraints on it.
     These are my thoughts on how people attain their power. Cool topic idea, I hope this gets some discussion going.

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