Subject: The battle report preview:The conflict of three-sides
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04 Jul 2008 4:16 AM  

This battle report actaully continue the previous article "discuss the rise of the great power through the battle report".At the previous chapter,6 players fought each other fiercely.After a series of battles,only 3 players survived.They included me(this is sure^^),jordanj(red) and Vald(black).The international conflict escalated gradually between the three kingdoms,the excited military skills,diplomacy and negotiation will be displayed between the great powers.But which side will obtain the final victory?Just see it......

Three kingdoms' situation after jordanj captured Australia and unified 3 southern continents

me:almost became the most powerful country of all,controlled Europe,part of northern Asia and firmly held Alaska and Greenland.(11-13 reinforcements)

jordanj(red):the strong opponent who controlled 3 continents at the south(SA,Antarctica and Australia) and also Central America.Notably SA's value increase to 3 due to 1 more border.And Antarctica is the small continent with 3 provinces which connects SA and Australia at the south.(10-11 reinforcements)

Vlad(black):Though had the formidable defense at Africa.However,he was the weakest compare with the other two powers.(6 reinforcements)

== The content preview ==

Let me create some interesting question about that game.

1.When I went to attack the other opponents,which continents I'm going to attack?(CA & SA?Africa?Australia?)

2.I was successful in the American Theater,defeated jordanj's army several times at CA and SA.But finally,jordanj's "western wing" was relieved and the situation was dramastically changed,what caused this happening?

3.Later my kingdoms' border bounced back within Europe and northern NA,and even Europe was sacked by jordanj from NA.I decided to launch the "decisive blow" to turn the situation.What strategy I would use this time?

4.However,jordanj proved too strong.And my "decisive blow" turned in vain.Though I recaptured CA and occupied NA,but lost Europe.My forces was seriously depleted,and jordanj too.The ferocious battle between both of us not only crippled us,but also benefited Vlad who slowly grew at Africa,and expanded to control both Europe and Africa(include Middle East),temporarily became the most powerful empire.But finally,Vlad was even destroyed!Why such dramatical change appeared?

5.At the final battle,I had just controlled NA and part of Europe and Asia while jordanj occupied SA,Antartcica,Australia and North Africa.Also,I couldn't cash card though gaining 2 cards from Vlad at the turn of destroying Vlad.In addition,his garrison at North Africa was powerful.He had the slight advantage compare with me.But I won finally,why?

The answer will be revealed at my next article!Prepare to watch my next chapter!



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