Subject: Battle Report --- The conflict between three sides(very long article!)
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07 Jul 2008 3:50 AM  

Great Alan proudly announce his masterpiece battle report:

     The conflict between three sides

Name Value Owner
Asia 7 Tokugawa Shogunate
Europe 5 Tokugawa Shogunate
North America 5 Tokugawa Shogunate
Africa 3 Tokugawa Shogunate
South America 3 Tokugawa Shogunate
Antarctica 2 Tokugawa Shogunate
Australia 2 Tokugawa Shogunate

Now it's time to show my battle report.In that game,I was called Tokugawa Ieyasu(green).As the previous article mentioned,there're 6 players in this game,and 3 players survived at the mid-late stage of the game,include me(green),jordanj(red) and Vlad(black).After experienced several times of rise and fall,the victor was finally decided......(already mentioned before)

Preface:The creation of three kingdoms

a)the rise of jordanj

At the south,one conqueror sweeped swiftly to occupy the wide-range of terrtories.At the decisive Antarctica Campaign(36 vs 20),he soundly destroyed cire of Antarctica.Though lost the numerous troops,his replenished force quickly arrived(He gained two 5-units "terrtories bonus" after defeating cire!) at the eastern tip of Antarctica,Wilkes Land,prepared to conquer Australia(the owner was IMgnyce,call him "IMG" at below).This conqueror will be the toughest opponent of Ieyasu,his name was called jordanj,his original base was SA.

Strategic comment:Attack when you have the overwhelming power.Seizing any chance to expand your force is vital.

b)Ieyasu expanded his power

Meanwhile,the northern giant Tokugawa Ieyasu(it's me),who controlled Europe and few strategically important place at the north,planned to conquer IMG at once.IMG's base was at Australia,which was defended by insufficient troops after fierce combat with cire.And he also had a handful of troops at NA.Ieyasu gathered the powerful army(reached 32),suddenly poured into Australia(As mentioned at "grand invasion of Australia").His army easily captured Siam.Then he left 10 troops to guard it and proceeded on.But then his army suffered the defeat and unable to conquer IMG's force at Australia.

Ieyasu realized that he was failed,to gained the "world hegemony" at once.He was forced to evacuate his troops from Siam(prevent to be destroy by jordanj),and reliquenished to annihilate IMG's remaining force at NA(meaningless to annihilate because of no card(s) to gain,so instead use it as "buffer force",but this proved to be the wrong choice).

Later,IMG revenged for his fate of losing Australia.He sent his last main army breaking into Europe from NA after cashing cards.Seems like the revenge was successful,until Ieyasu counter-charged with his strong reinforcement and destroyed him.IMG would survive longer if he didn't attack Europe since Ieyasu planned to use his "cashing reinforcement" to assault Australia.Though Ieyasu annihilated IMG and cleared his threat eternally,his plan of recapturing Australia from jordanj was hindered now.

Strategic comment:Keep expanding when you're strong enough,then your hegemony will be surely the long-lived one.Even your expanding plot fail,you won't lost much since you're a strong country.The "small guy" shouldn't directly attack the powerful country whenever,it is undoubtly the disastrous move for them.They will be doomed while their strong rival would be just scratched a little.

c)jordanj captured Australia

Soon after Ieyasu withdrawed completely from the Australian battlefield,jordanj quickly filled this vacuum and occupied Australia without opposition.Hence,he completely controlled "two horns" region(SA and Australia just like "two horns" of Antarctica,isn't it?),became the rival that was able to counter Ieyasu's great menace.

d)The sleeping lion,Vlad

When two strong powers were expanding their domains and enlarged their power,the African lord Vlad just sliently watched and simpily kept increasing his army.He decided not to make any risky decision before the opportunity come,then he just need to seize it.He obviously didn't think that diplomacy and alliance was important,and just focused on his military force.

Strategic comment:Though carefulness is important,and peaceful grow usually avoid the conflict with others and consolidate your position.However,seizing opportunity to expand is also important.If someone is too careful,he will likely to be overcome by other strong rivals who grab significant terrtories/cards from the others.The players who just have carefulness without aggressive mind never have much chance to win.

Episode 1:Stalemale --- The failed breakthrough at "two horns"(Turn 54-79)

Every players' power at turn 58(The beginning of three kingdoms' age)

Tokugawa Ieyasu(me)      total army:125      reinforcement:11
terrtories:Europe,northern NA,most of Asia include China
jordanj      total army:106      reinforcement:12
terrtories:SA,Antarctica,Australia,Siam and southern NA include CA
Vlad      total army:85        reinforcement:6
terrtories:Africa and Middle East

Ieyasu gazed Australia.He prepared to recapture it from jordanj.He thought that if he could defeating jordanj's army at Austalia,then the victory would belongs to him.He assault the well-fortified Siam with little numerical advantage(40 vs 32),though broke it,but soon was driven back next turn.Later Vlad also attempted to breakthrough Australia(32 vs 26),but was repelled.

Subsequent to the failed operation,Ieyasu transfered his force to NA.He decided to change his target to NA,hoped to destroying CA's garrison and controlled NA.Then he would become the strongest in 3 players,this was more benefical than invading Australia as he thought since he have already controlled Alaska and Greenland.Will this ambition achieved so easily?

Ieyasu brought his main army to Alaska and assaulted CA fiercely,though annihilated the garrison(37 vs 30),but not with heavy loss.Soon jordanj counter-attacked with rage,drove Ieyasu out of CA.Ieyasu was disappointed,but not yielded.The fighting at the American Theater would become more ferocious.

Strategic comment:Always shift your aim depending on the variety situation.When you find that the plan doesn't work,you should consider to change your plan.

Episode 2:Ieyasu flourished --- His success and glory(Turn 80-89)

Ieyasu and jordanj continually confronted at NA.When jordanj was absent in one turn,Ieyasu seized the chance of cashing cards to attack.He defeated jordanj's army at CA again(39 vs 23),but with lighter loss.This was the significant victory to him.Now he occupied the whole NA and Europe now,jordanj was no match to him since this battle,the "balance of power" was shattered to the ruin.

Later,Ieyasu attempted to nail or at least weaken Siam's defense with smaller troops(14 vs 17),hoped to induce Vlad to attack jordanj at Australia.But the offensive was repelled without much loss.Then Vlad launched the attack again(16 vas 12),was also repelled.After that,jordanj successfully stabilized Australian defense.

However,jordanj's "western wing"(SA) was devastating by Ieyasu's powerful force.His weaker army was defeated by Ieyasu twice(58 vs 29,59 vs 30),the situation seems like hopeless for him.But his fortune was soon reserved.This reserve was the dramastic one.Ieyasu's hegemony was soon brought to the end,his glorious empire turned to decline later.

Strategic comment:Negotiation before fighting the large-scale war is strategically important.Otherwise,your plan will be thwarted by the others.

Every players' power at turn 89(Tokugawa flourished)

Tokugawa Ieyasu(me)      total army:189      reinforcement:16
terrtories:NA,Europe and Kamchatka
jordanj      total army:85      reinforcement:10
terrtories:SA,Antarctica and Australia
Vlad      total army:123      reinforcement:6
terrtories:Africa and Middle East

Episode 3:The wheel rolled back(Turn 90-131)

When Ieyasu gained the glorious victory one by one,his disaster was waiting for him.He ignored the third kingdom --- Vlad.He thought that Vlad would fear his great power and too careful to attack him,thus didn't negotiate with him before.This proved to be the fatal decision.

Vlad collected the powerful army and attacked Southern Europe(56 vs 32),captured Ieyasu by surprise.Europe was overran by Vlad.Ieyasu was furious of this,and decided to bring all his NA army to against him.This was the unwise decision since jordanj's control at "western horn" would revive and induced his hard combat at America turned in vain.However,Ieyasu's decision was largely affected by the furied emotion now.

Ieyasu launched two offensives to Vlad(58 vs 30,50 vs 21),both was successful and sacked Africa.But these offensives just briefly weakened Vlad.Since Ieyasu shifted his attention to Africa,jordanj was able to recover and even surpassed his former power.Now he thought that it's time to fight back,concentrated his force at NA.His army defeated Ieyasu's inferior army at Alberta(28 vs 20).Soon the angry Ieyasu counter-attacked and destroyed jordanj's victorious but seriously-weakened troops with new force there.

Ieyasu attempted to bring his war end with jordanj and united against Vlad,so he tried to negotiate with jordanj,hoped to gain the beneficial treaty.

Ieyasu(to jordanj):I have a idea:You cede NA to me and we allied together to against Vlad.What do you think?

jordanj:I have a counter offer. Why don't you let me have NA and I'll help you against Vlad in Africa and/or Asia ?

Ieyasu:If you want NA,then I suggest you offer Australia and Antartica to me.I will instantly accept your demand if you do so@@

Ieyasu organized the huge army at Mongolia,planned to "contain" Siam garrison at least.He couldn't expect that jordanj launched the attack to Greenland since joranj didn't have much troops at northern NA.But jordanj did it and attacked Greenland with troops as equal as to the defender(27 vs 27).unfortunately to Ieyasu,he lost the battle and Europe fell under jordanj's wrath.

strategic comment:Never let your emotion decide your plan.This is my big mistake I learned from this game.And never abandon your occupied terrtories so easily.

Every players' power at turn 121(jordan's revival and the fall of Ieyasu)

Tokugawa Ieyasu(me)      total army:166      reinforcement:5
terrtories:most of Europe except Iceland and north-east of Asia focus on Mongolia
jordanj      total army:184      reinforcement:13
terrtories:SA,Antarctica,Australia,southern NA include CA and Iceland
Vlad      total army:132      reinforcement:6

Instead of recovering Europe,Ieyasu chose to launch the "one sharp blow" to jordanj,organized almost the total force(122) to India,prepare to ruin jordanj's southern domains.But jordanj was powerful enough to stop this with reinforcing Siam to 109 troops.Ieyasu then brought his total army back to Europe and then to NA,hoped to oust jordanj from CA,thus operated the "third battle of CA"(148 vs 100).Both sides's loss was tremendous.Ieyasu stopped the attack after terrifing by losing half of his army.Soon jordanj sent more reinforcement to CA(reach 43) and attempted to hold it again.Ieyasu saw that Vlad's threat was imminent,even could he survive was the great problem if he couldn't obtain NA.So he decided to attack CA again and captured it with heavy loss,but later his "cashing reinforcement" strenghten his crippling position.

After the long conflict between Ieyasu and jordanj,both kingdoms was seriously weakened.Their army was depleted.And the hegemony sliently shifted to the "third power".

strategic comment:I always say,"The long conflict between the two powers usually benefit the third".You should remind yourself this.Also,always try to negotiate to prevent the devastating fight which can't bring you any benefit!

Episode 4:Vlad's short-lived hegemony --- The power of alliance(Turn 132-152)

While both "old power" were entangled with the consistent wars,the new empire emerged without any opposition.The "dark cloud" gradually covered the central of the world,spread from Africa to Europe.Soon they realized the large threat was coming....

Every players' power at turn 132(The rise of Vlad)

Tokugawa Ieyasu(me)      total army:77      reinforcement:10
terrtories:NA and scattered parts of Asia
jordanj      total army:90      reinforcement:11
terrtories:SA,Antarctica and Australia
Vlad      total army:155      reinforcement:13
terrtories:Africa and Europe

Ieyasu knew that if he continued his battles with jordanj,both of them will be overcame by the strong Vlad who have already controlled both Africa and Europe.Hence,Ieyasu asked jordanj for organizing the alliance to against Vlad.jordanj ever rejected Ieyasu's offer in previous time,will Ieyasu's plan sucessful this time?

Ieyasu(to jordanj):I think we'd better allied against Vlad now,what do you think?You may refuse it,but don't forget that in turn I can allied with Vlad to against you.

jordanj:Ok, if you agree on a non-aggression pact between South america and North America we can concentrate on attacking Vlad.

Ieyasu:Very well.Now we can use our all resources to against Vlad.The rule of breaking alliance is simple,just declare first a turn before our war.Any attack before or on the declared turn will be seen as 'backstab'.

Anyway,thanks for you that agree to allied with me.

jordanj:Ok, I agree to the rules of the alliance.

Thus Ieyasu and jordanj united together to attack Vlad.This decided the fate of Vlad.His statue of top-power was soon shattered to the ruin.jordanj's army had broken Middle East(38 vs 34) and harassed Africa continually while Ieyasu destroyed the garrison of Iceland(64 vs 58) with heavy loss.Soon Vlad fell back to his homeland,Africa.After that,jordanj annihilated Vlad's huge army at North Africa(92 vs 72).And Ieyasu sweeped Vlad's remaining force at Africa(sent 40+ army) and took his cards.The anti-Vlad alliance obtained the wonderful victory.However,there're only one empire could exist.So both empires had to fight until completely wiping out the others.

Strategic comment:you know that how is alliance important through this example.With the power of alliance,even the weak player(s) can destroy the strong player(s).

Episode 5:The final duel(Turn 153-170)

Every players' power at turn 152(Before the final confrontation)

Tokugawa Ieyasu(me)      total army:111      reinforcement:12
terrtories:NA,weakly defended Europe and scattered parts of Asia(small garrison held at north-east of Asia)
jordanj      total army:100      reinforcement:10
terrtories:SA,Antarctica,Australia and North Africa

Seems like jordanj had the slight advantage compare with Ieyasu.Although Ieyasu had little more army,his force was more divided while jordanj's army was more concentrated.Also,jordanj's North Africa Corps posted the terrible threat to NA.

"Seems like jordanj have slight advantage now as I can't cash cards in this turn.But I still have confidence that I will win".Ieyasu openly expressed his thought at public message chat.

Phase 1:Stalemale

However,jordanj made the decisive mistake this time.He divided his troops to defend Africa instead of directly sacked NA with powerful army.If he did so,Ieyasu would quickly lost power to counter jordanj.jordanj's force easily cleared the small garrison of Europe and captured Africa with dividing force.Ieyasu posted his "Asian Army"(21 troops,increased to 26 after cashing) to India,this could threaten both Africa and Australia.Then jordanj assaulted and destroyed Indian garrison with 45 troops.Though Ieyasu lost this army,his opponent's defense was weakened and he sacked Africa.

strategic comment:Don't just focus on expanding terrtories,don't divide your army if unnecessary!Or you will be crushed by the others who is probably weaker.

Phase 2:Decisive campaign!Ieyasu's southern offensive!

Ieyasu soon launched the "southern offensive",broke through Venezuela with almost 2:1 great advantage(60 vs 35),and marched to occupy Antatctica unopposed.Later Ieyasu assaulted Australia from China,though captured it,suffered the terrible loss.However,jordanj didn't seize this golden opportunity to recover the southern terrtories,but recaptured SA and attacked the well-defended CA instead(23 vs 18),this proved to be his second mistake.If he could recaptured the southern terrtories,then he won't be "sieged" by two sides and was able to turn the tide.

strategic comment:The decisive offensive can turn the tide of the battle.

Phase 3:Africa has fallen!The war ended!

jordanj have already shifted his base to Africa,but he couldn't hold it since Ieyasu had the powerful force.Though jordanj nailed NA,his remaining CA troops was soon destroyed by Ieyasu's army from SA(18 vs 14).After that,jordanj left only Africa in his hands.Ieyasu completely controlled the battle field and easily finished him soon.

strategic comment:If jordanj could concentrate his army to launch the attack vigorously initialy,he could easily gain the victory.Remember,always concentrate your troops and strike your emeny's vital domains with strong power,then victory is always at your side.

Little comment:This was really the great game.The rise and the fall of the power shifted continually.the excited scene of military campaign and diplomacy appeared at the screen.That's why I decided to record this game.I think everyone can absorp a lot of strategy and tactics after watching this battle report.



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08 Jul 2008 2:15 PM  
Fantastic! This is the most detailed history of a game I have ever seen. I like your strategic comments. They make a lot of sense. I wish you could have a video of this and just show and explain at various points what happened, in fast forward :-). It's a lot to absorb so a bit difficult to imagine the map all the time. But good job. I need to work on it more ...
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08 Jul 2008 6:10 PM  
Agreed...definitely a well thought-out article. Some of the analysis is really really great. I have been trying to compile something similar by recording my online games and plan to convert one to an avi video once I find a suitable one to comment on. Sometimes games are ruined by a bad player or two or some early blunders that make for bad games.
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09 Jul 2008 12:48 AM  
very true. finding a good game is not always easy. I have thought about it and I think there is no way to tell before the game is finished, so you have to record almost every game until you find one that is suitable to share. can be tough but its well worth it, as demonstrated above.
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