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Great AlanUser is Offline


13 Jul 2008 9:39 AM  

Here are two articles that I will finish soon,just watch it!

1.The skill of negotiation(Coming soon in this week)

Do you know how to negotiate with the other players effectively in Risk game?If not,then this article maybe able to help you.

2.My new battle report --- The song of Italy!(Coming soon in this month)

Recently I'm playing the Italian Map in Landgrab Risk,the game haven't even finished yet.But the game have already passed about 200+ turns,enough to write a long report for me.Sure,I won't write them all in one article,that will be too long.But I will divide them in different parts.

Here are possible topics in this battle report:(Writing novel?)

Part 1:Chaos of War
Part 2:The Rising of Two Kings
Part 3:The Enraged Dragon
Other parts:No topic yet~

I hope that more Risk players will notice my articles later.Because I spend the great effort in these articles.

Ehsan HonaryUser is Offline

Site Admin

13 Jul 2008 10:37 AM  
Absolutely fantastic. I cannot wait to see them Alan. The topics you have chosen are all really exciting, especially on negotiation. Will look forward to read them all. Cheers

Ehsan Honary
Dan12User is Offline


14 Jul 2008 2:21 PM  
Like the idea of these articles. We promise to read them when you post them.

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