Subject: A Sudden Fall
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10 Aug 2011 3:55 PM  

Hi! So I've been playing a three person game, and for the longest time we've been fighting over borders. One of us has been trying to keep Europe, another Africa and South America, and I've been trying to keep Asia.

Last turn I had, I had cards to turn in, and had managed to keep Asia for one turn. I kicked Orange out of Ukraine and put twelve in Ukraine and the Middle East each.

I didn't realize Yellow had enough cards to turn in, and he used them to take Australia AND bite into Asia's soft underbelly. He put his cards to very good use. And he's also marching on North America.

So it's my turn again. I have four reinforcements to use, and one card. Orange has four cards and Yellow has two. My win rate has been 100% in 3-player games, but for once, I have no idea what to do. Seems like anything I can do at this point will either open myself up to more hostile attack, or just prevent me from gaining a card this turn. I should probably also add that Warfish, the website I play on, seems more defense-biased than the actual board game. So... Advice please?

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06 Sep 2011 1:55 AM  

hmmm... maybe turtle in Madagascar?

Truce with orange and see if you can talk him into breaking South America via North America (assuming he can cash in)

Also, what is the turn order?

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04 Jul 2013 10:56 PM  
try for a different continent as asia is too difficult to hold.
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