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25 Jan 2014 3:08 AM  

Hey Guys.

Just some back ground. Not to boast but i very rarely loose risk. Maybe once in 20 games and usualy when i have 2 or more people allied against me. So in a fare game i tend to win.

So recently me and my family (of 3 players) were playing risk. I have the new risk, and in the new rules (unlike in the old rules) players have to use the countries the cards give them, so players dont pick, and each card has stars and the amount of stars on the card is how much men you put in the country, maximum 2. Kind of stupid i know but its more fair for people like my parents who like never play a board game.

So im all over the place but i do have most of europe. I take it and defend it quite well giving away all my other nations without any fighting back. My dad manages to take south america and africa, my sister takes north america (NA and SA are at war pretty much all the time). My mom...with my help (cause she doesnt know what she is doing)...takes australia and owns most of asia.

Thing is, i start getting attacked from africa...and africa takes my southern europe. That ruins my bonus, but i have enough men left to take it all back. Then north america manages to take iceland (i dont know why but my sister and my dad stop the war in the america's which ruins everything!).

That ruins my bonuses again. My mom is literaly doing nothing. Basicaly i end up with all of europe except iceland. I turn in my cards and since i cant go against my sisters 10 or so men, i back stab my dad in africa going all the way and taking all of south america, which my sister then takes the next turn and then!!!! she tries to take me down. After like 3 turns she took me down.

So i guess many of you have noticed, europe is not a good place to be.

Thing is i would like to get better in that location. Any ideas and suggestions as to how to hold europe better?

Ive tried the following

1. Making buffer zones (they are usually taken back)

2. Building up forces in northern europe and taking back any land that i loose.

Also where the heck should i go and how do i defend best when i have only owned europe for one turn aka minimal troops. maybe on average 3 per nation.

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31 Jan 2014 2:25 PM  
Thanks for the post. It was an interesting read, and a familiar conclusion. Europe can be very rewarding if done well. The point about Europe is that if you manage to hold it, it can quickly boost you into power lead. But being in the middle of the world comes with its price. You cannot aim for Europe if your style is either aggressive/expansionist or passive/fortress maker. Europe is for players who are good at diplomacy. To succeed in Europe you need to have alliances or treaties. These treaties can then secure part of your border so you can then use your own armies to defend others.

And remember, if you made a treaty and got stabbed in the back, then you probably where not on top of your diplomacy game. If the stabber feels he or she can get away with it, then you are in trouble. Make it more dangerous for them and they will pay their attention elsewhere.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Hope you will have a rematch to test your ideas.

Ehsan Honary
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