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28 Jan 2017 2:00 PM  

So, I just started playing Risk and I try going for North America, it typically works out rather well. Lately, after my second game, my opponents seemed bent on trying to deny me North America, sometimes they'd claim a territory and when placing additional armies, at the start of the game, they'd amass 3 there and one other player would also do this. They managed to stall me long enough that I could not get the continent in a timely manner and they managed to get their continent bonuses quickly, which lost me that game.

I'm going to assume this is going to likely be a common thing I run into. Are there certain territories in North America I should be going for? I always grab Central America and the Western US first. After that, I try to claim Alaska and Greenland.

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29 Jan 2017 2:16 AM  
You have 2 options, Shirokiba:

1. Transfer your strategic objective to other places.
2. Force your opponents to withdraw from North America

For the second option, one of the best method is negotiation.
However, you need a “bargain” to force your opponents accept your offer.

You may thwart their plan of capturing or securing a continent;
Afterward, utilize that to carry out the “bargain exchange”.

For example:

“If you stop hindering me to unify North America, I’ll withdraw from Europe.”

Then your opponent would seriously consider your offer.
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