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16 Mar 2007 2:49 AM  
This is almost always the case when I play. One player goes and takes Australlia and another goes and takes S. America. One fights for N. America, one fights for asia/europe and the other ends up in Africa. Well the two players in Australlia and S. America are always the same and they just sit down there and store as many armies as possible just getting one country per turn. What is an easy way to stop them from doing this?

Tyler Murphy
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16 Mar 2007 3:00 AM  
Get Europe!

you will get far more number of armies than they do. Then expand to africa. but make sure that they fight with each other. If they only fight with you, then no strategy will work for you anyway. Just tell them that it is unfair and start a psychological war on them which is for the well being of humanity, so they don't just fight with you!

Ehsan Honary
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03 Jun 2007 9:31 PM  
Get North America!

you will get more troops than them, and you will be close. Invade them early in the game, and you will succeed. A North/South America combo is great, and you will have much more troop bonuses than anyone in the game. Success! Also, you can convince asia or africa to help you bottle them up, and remind them of how powerful they have been in other games (if you have played with these people before).
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