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16 Mar 2007 3:07 AM  
A mail from a site visitor:

Hello, I just bought the game of risk yesterday and my friends and I tried to figure it out. We played a game (and had fun) but we're unsure of a lot of things. I was hoping that you could help me figure the basics out (you seem like the man to ask, who has the answers). I did check the FAQ and rules on different sites but I still am unclear about some of the rules. We were playing the global domination.

At the beginning, you place your units(I think that they are also called armies). We got 35 each.
1)Can we mix and match those 35 units (but we need to have at least 14 to cover the territories)?
2)Should we place 14 infantry (for 14 unit points) and then go back and reinforce (fortify) the territories(up to 35 units)?

After playing the game
3)Is there a maximum number of units you can put in a territory(we had some that had 25 + and the rolls to conquer went on for a while)?
4)A attacker must leave one unit behind but the defender doesn't?
5)When fortifying after an attack, can you fortify any territory or just one that you conquered? (I know that fortifying has to be done with your armies that are connected to the territory) 6)Can you attack as many times and/or territories as you want, anywhere on the board, on your turn? (but only collect one card)

I'm sorry if these questions seem obvious to you. Maybe we were just overwhelmed by the whole thing. If there are any other basics that I missed or any advice that you can give, it would be greatly appreciated. Oh and finally, how long does a game usually last? It took us about an hour before we even got started and then we played for about 3 hours without a winner. Did we do something wrong or is it a long game?

Thank you for your time and knowledge, Peace,
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16 Mar 2007 3:08 AM  
1) You can mix and match in any way you like as long as you have a minimum of 1 army in each territory.

2) You should first get all the countries of the map covered, then you can place extra armies in them.

3) There is indeed no limit on how many armies you can place in any one country. Of course the rolling of dice may go on for a while but it is natural for bigger armies to take longer to fight!

4) Any country at any given point should have at least one army in it. That’s why an attacker should leave one behind if moving all other armies forward.

5)You can get a maximum of one card per turn irrespective of the number of territories you conquered. You can divide your number of armies between your territory and the conquered territory as you wish. Fortification is a free move that takes place one you have finished attacking.

Depending on the rules and the number of players the game lasts shorter or longer. Typically it is around 4 hours, which is similar to what you have played and ofcourse desirable to have a winner. The rules I mentioned on the site reduce the play time and make it easier to end up with a winner. After all no one likes to play for hours and hours and then go home empty handed!

Hope this helped.

Ehsan Honary
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03 Jun 2007 9:19 PM  
I think Ehsan pretty much covered it. Except, for #3 of course the defence doesnt have to leave a unit behind, otherwise nothing would get conquered!
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