Subject: World Domination: Ways to win Risk
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25 Nov 2009 4:12 PM  

  Hello everyone! Here I will give you some tips and tricks to try out when you play Risk. If you have some of your own, post them here. Alright, lets get started!


Manipulating Australia

  I bet most of you already know how to do this, but I'll show it anyways. This form of gameplay takes patience. I will use the pick-your-territories rule for this.

1. Try to get Australia. Most people are smart enough to notice that your trying to get Australia, so some will nail you. That means that they will try to put a lot of armies in one territory of a continent you're trying to get so that you won't get a bonus. You can fool them, however, by placing infantry in random places like Brazil and Japan. Then at the last minute start placing infantry in Australia. If that doesn't work you could try to negotiate with the person who put their armies in Australia. Try to use a large vocabulary to confuse them, "Hey, you are putting  armies in Australia to prevent me from getting the bonus right? Well, the bonus is only 2 armies so why don't you just move your armies out, okay?" If they say yes, awesome. If they don't, get a new strategy.

2. Set up your defenses. Use your bonus from your continent to add to your defenses. Make sure that you don't have any territories with two or more armies in the central area of Australia. There is only one border territory, Indonisia, so place all of your armies there.

3. Make alliances. Try to convince a few players to make an alliance with you. The player who has control of most of Asia would be your best bet. That way, your totally protected. If not, get the strongest player or the player who has control of most of Europe. If THAT doesn't work, try some propoganda. Like say, "Wow, it seems that (Whoever controls Asia goes here.) is a serious threat. He/she should be contained before he/she goes on a rampage. That might make the player who has most of South America to charge in. Maybe Europe, too. But of course Asia might retreat into your territory. That shouldn't really be much of a problem due to your strong defenses that you have been building up. But if you have been building up defenses on Indonisia, so of course Asia would try to counter it by adding reinforcements to Siam. If he/she does, say this or maybe something similar, "Hey, I have no good reason to attack you, right? So why don't we just move both of our armies away. There's no point in building up armies there if both of us arent't going to launch a massive invasion." If he/she says yes, move all of your armies but three or four (You can never be sure...) to a territory just behind it. Keep getting bonuses and adding them to your new wall. By now players have engaged in conflict. See where I'm getting? Nobody is attacking you either because they don't want to waste units on your massive wall or they don't find you as much of a threat.

4. Launch your assault. By now the other players have worn themselves down a bit. You should have about fifty or sixty armies on your wall if nobody has attacked you. It's time to start your assault. Do the very first part ONLY if you moved your wall back. Say something cool to the person that you agreed with to take your armies back. Like, "Sorry...But the deals off..." Move your wall to your old wall position. Of course Asia will too. Then, attack Siam with all of your armies in your wall. It's most likely that you will win with small loss due to the large number of armies you're using. Move all of your armies possible into Siam. Continue this pattern until you have conquered Asia. ONE COUNTRY AT A TIME PEOPLE!!! Remember to reinforce your front lines during your invasion on Asia.

5. Capture Europe. Now everyone is afraid of your wicked skills so they are going to set up defenses. Just stay put and make another wall covering the border countries of Asia. Wait a while until you have about fifty or sixty. Then charge Europe. Attack Ukaine first. Then go on one at a time until you have secured Europe. By now there should be some cowards who want to team up with you. Say no to all of them to make them scared and want to give up. They WILL set up HUGE defenses if you say no, though. Just ignore the massive army concentration at the border territories.

6. Move on to Africa. Use the same pattern as before. Build a wall, charge them. One country at a time. Now would be a good time to make a treaty with South America. Because he/she could come into Africa as well and mess up your plan with killer strength. He/She should say yes immediatly.Be sure not to let Europe out of the picture, too. North America could still invade you from Greenland. Continue building a wall there. Also don't forget Kamchata or however you spell it. Alaksa could come in from there. Build up a wall.

7. Secure South America. Once you have got control over Africa, build a wall at North Africa. Then, when you have about fifty, if you made an alliance with South America, call it off. It would be best to make an alliance right now so he/she won't build a wall.. For South America, run right through it. Start at Brazil, move down to Argentina, then stop. On your next turn, finish off South America.

8. Conqure North America and win the game. North America should have a lot of armies in Central America, Greenland, and Alaska by now. Make a wall at Iceland, Venesuala, and Kamchata or however you spell it. North America should have about sixty of seventy at the three borders. You get about eighty at the three borders. Remember not to have any more than one army in the non-border territories. Attack from both Iceland and Venesula. Move one territory at a time. First get the eastern section, then the western. You just won!

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06 Sep 2010 2:36 AM  
This is a terrible way to play Australia. In order for it to win, it requires that you are playing against some pretty bad people who will allow you to make the jumps you are making.
The first 3 make general sense to me. You're turtling in Australia, trying not to fight, letting everyone else beat each other up. That's a fine strategy.
4. Here's where I have a huge problem. First of all, let's say you're in a 4 person game and have managed to avoid losing a single army. That leaves you with 30 armies. Now, 1 turn to take Australia, and then 5 men per turn. So you start at 30, second turn you still have thirty, it takes 4 turns to get to 50 if you've never been attacked. So you'll be ready 5 turns after the start of the game if everything goes perfectly and you're willing to be on the low end of troops.
Now, it seems like you're figuring that someone will have walled you in. You recommend moving your wall back after drawing out forces. This requires a lot of trust in whoever's in Asia, and then you want to betray that trust. No one will trust you the next game. But now that you've wasted another turn moving the wall forward, you're at 6 turns after the start of the game, and you haven't attacked yet.
So good that you're starting the attack now. Bad, that you recommend taking Asia, and doing it one turn at a time. Asia has 12 territories. Capturing one at a time means that once you've finally taken Asia, it will be 18 turns into the game, and you'll get your first 7 army bonus 19 turns into the game. This will never happen against good players. If you're left alone for 19 whole turns, that means someone else is killing everyone and probably owns North America, South America, Africa, and Europe. More territories, more armies, more cards. You will lose, probably before Asia is ever taken. The only way you are able to take those 19 turns and become a powerhouse is if everyone else in the game is idiotic and manage by their stupidity to stay exactly equally weak.

Really, the better way to play Australia starts out similar to what you have in mind. Expansion into Asia works,but eventually, you must pick one of three paths. These are;
From China north and across Kamchatka-Alaska to try for North America
From India west into Africa
Westward through Ukraine (or possibly Middle East-Southern Europe) to try for Europe.
My personal preference is turtling in Australia for a little and then sending lots of armies off towards the Middle East so that you can strike whoever is weaker (if North America is weak enough that can be taken, but it's really hard and requires an alliance with Europe or South America).
If you allow yourself to become stuck in Australia, the best you can hope for is a second place finish where the winner leaves you alone to take out everyone else and then goes in to kill you.
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02 Jun 2011 1:30 AM  
If anyone is turtling in AUS. all you have to do is camp above in one of the upper asian countries. Then slowly take boardering countries to get cards. You will become a threat to North America, because of your large army, but more than likely no one will attack you in fear that the assult would make them to weak. So when you get enough forces after turn 2,3, or turn 4 turn in your cards if you didn't get a match wait til turn 5 then go down and attack aus. You should have the upper hand and have slightly bigger numbers. Even if taking all of Aus. fails on the first try the opponent's armies will be very weak. So the second attack should work.
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29 Jun 2013 11:05 PM  

I do things a little differently, in regards to conquering asia. You take one territory at a time for a while, then rapidly expand before anyone notices you, when you have a set, and 5 or more territories in asia. also, never ally with asia.

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08 Sep 2013 3:28 AM  

Personally, I don't even try to touch Asia or Europe (unless of course for sabotage in which I cut off their income by not allowing them to have the whole continent). The reason for this being that Asia and Europe are honestly hell-holes. Everyone wants them, everyone fights for them. Like you had mentioned, let the other players fight it out while you're chilling in Africa or the Americas. All the while building your troops and fortifying your borders with the income you get from holding the continents (and from the cards). If all goes well, you rise up to the most powerful player on the board (or at least one of the most stable players on the board) and everyone's coming to you for deals and partnerships. And now you have the game in your pocket. The biggest thing is to provide yourself a good source of income, and cut off the enemy's income. Set yourself up for total victory. Divide and Conquer.

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19 Nov 2014 11:18 AM  
Australia is dangerous for the very reason it has one border. Due to your low income in comparison to other players, even a formidable army in Indonesia cannot withstand a strong player with a huge income throttling them in Siam. I prefer to make Siam my border thus preventing player from attacking you from just one country.
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29 Jan 2017 9:14 PM  
British & French : Once the German enter Belgium, we shall crush them!
Erich von Manstein : Sorry, we advance through the Ardennes instead.

Britih & French : *fell*


Here comes the "supposed" situation in Risk game.

just4fun112 : Nobody is attacking me so long I turtle at Australia.
Great Alan : I keep attacking other opponents after securing North America, securing the powerful alliance and keep battering my opponents.

just4fun112 : Damn! Great Alan got too powerful, I have no choice but abandon "turtle strategy" to launch the initiative offensive.
Great Alan : Come on, I still have 4 cards as my "tactical reserve", counter-attack!

just4fun112 : No way....this is not what I expected!

Great Alan : Oh, continue to fight against me, or retreat back to Australia until I "corner" you there?


In Risk game, the most dangerous thing is the "solid" creed.
Utilize your imagination rather than what the "strategic doctrine" said instead.

Those who always think various plans conquer those who only follow one strategy in ease.

In other words, there're no "one way" to win Risk game.

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15 Oct 2019 3:20 AM  
I agree, Alan. If you are playing with the dealt cards setup, then you should generally go for whichever continent you have the most troops in and add troops there. If you are playing with the manual setup, lots of players go for Australia so it is generally the hardest continent (apart from Asia and Europe) to go for, which is ironic since it only yields two points. Another disadvantage with Australia is that in 3-4 player games, there isn't as much contest for the continents that provide more points and opportunities to expand, so Australia isn't as good.

Not only that but as Alan said, you shouldn't have one strategy or plan, but instead must adapt to whatever start you get.
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