Subject: How can I win this match?
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16 Oct 2018 5:36 PM  

Hi, I'm an italian guy named Lorenzo. 

Today, me and my housemates started a Risiko (Risk in italian) match but we interrupted it because we were just too tired.

Tomorrow we will go back playing it but I'm in big troubles with one of the player.

I'm the violet one and the other player is the blue one. His last move was to place more armies on the northern Asia so he could get power all over it and take more armies each turn. I responded to that move by placing more armies on that front line instead of trying to get control over Europe that I'm slowly gaining.

The next turn the black player, then the red player and lastly the blue player, will move before me.

So, now, what would be your best suggestions? Should I take the sure damage on Asia by the blue army and then reinforce that particular front line or should I try to conquer then Europe? And next?

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