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Here, you may find a number of interesting books related to Risk and diplomacy and self-help. As you may have seen in my book or in the Risk guides, you may have noticed that a wide range of topics are applicable. When I was researching my book, I came across many interesting sources that helped me to understand a lot more about the interaction between humans. There are Great works from Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Clausewitz and others. Startegic thinking can be applied to all levels. Playing a game such as Risk and winning it is only one aspect. Negotiating over a price for a house requires the same skills. If you can get better in one, you can most probably improve your performance in the other.

This list is not limited to books only related to Risk. These books are useful on anything you may do on a daily basis as they are full of tips on self-improvement and life-hacks. I have personally found the following books incredibly useful and thought provoking. I will highly recommend them to you.


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The Art of War

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Lionel Giles, (2005) The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Special Edition, El Paso Norte Press.

This is Sun Tzu's classic on the use of strategies in war. It is a great source of wisdom. This particular translation contains a number of commentaries that helps to clarify Sun's concepts. The book is used by people in business, politicians, military generals and is applicable to any competitive environments. However, like many books of this nature, some of the tips can be vague and subject to interpretation. The best way to understand and appreciate them is by putting them into practice. Once you have tried to implement them, you would realise how effective Sun's advice can be. Risk is the ideal choice for experimentation.

Here are some of Sun's advice:

"To win without fighting is best"

"When you have the means but are not getting anywhere, seek appropriate associates, and you will be lucky."

"If opponents are numerous, they can be made not to fight."

"A military force has no constant form (i.e no predictable strategy) water has no constant shape. The ability to gain victory by changing and adopting according to the opponent is called genious. (just like the flow of water is determined by the earth)"

Highly recommended.

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