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Here, you may find a number of interesting books related to Risk and diplomacy and self-help. As you may have seen in my book or in the Risk guides, you may have noticed that a wide range of topics are applicable. When I was researching my book, I came across many interesting sources that helped me to understand a lot more about the interaction between humans. There are Great works from Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Clausewitz and others. Startegic thinking can be applied to all levels. Playing a game such as Risk and winning it is only one aspect. Negotiating over a price for a house requires the same skills. If you can get better in one, you can most probably improve your performance in the other.

This list is not limited to books only related to Risk. These books are useful on anything you may do on a daily basis as they are full of tips on self-improvement and life-hacks. I have personally found the following books incredibly useful and thought provoking. I will highly recommend them to you.


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48 Laws of Power

Self-Help, Strategy, Negotiation, Psychology, Diplomacy

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Robert Greene, (2000) 48 Laws of Power, Profile Books.

This is pretty much a follow up to Machiavelli's work, albeit cast and made for our modern era. Greene provides 48 laws that one must follow to become powerful. Morality is not treated as a must have quality, hence some of the laws may sound amoral. Though as with Machiavelli's work, what matters is power and all else is just part of the game. Greene provides a great deal of examples from history to support his laws and they are fascinating and thought provoking to read. As the saying is, learn it from the pros.

A few examples are:

"Pose as a friend, Work as a spy"

"Do not build fortresses to protect yourself, isolation is dangerous"

"Control the options: Get others to play with the cards you deal"

"Do not go past the mark you aimed for, in victory learn when to stop"

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