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Total Diplomacy: Risk Map Scenario AlaskaNorthwest TerritoryGreenlandAlbertaOntarioQuebecWestern United StatesEastern United StatesCentral AmericaVenezuelaPeruBrazilArgentinaIcelandScandinaviaUkraineGreat BritainNorthern EuropeWestern EuropeSouthern EuropeNorth AfricaEgyptEast AfricaCongoSouth AfricaMadagascarUralSiberiaIrkutskYakutskKamchatkaMongoliaJapanAfghanistanChinaMiddle EastIndiaSiamIndonesiaNew GuineaWestern AustraliaEastern AustraliaNorth AmericaNA: LeftNA: BottomNA: RightSouth AmericaSA: LeftSA: RightEuropeEurope: TopEurope: BottomEurope: RightAfricaAfrica: LeftAfrica: RightAsiaAsia: LeftAsia: RightAsia: BottomAustraliaAustralia: LeftAustralia: Right  

Your Risk Maps:

Alaska  Northwest Territory  Greenland  Alberta  
Ontario  Quebec  Western United States  Eastern United States  
Central America  Venezuela  Peru  Brazil  
Argentina  Iceland  Scandinavia  Ukraine  
Great Britain  Northern Europe  Western Europe  Southern Europe  
North Africa  Egypt  East Africa  Congo  
South Africa  Madagascar  Ural  Siberia  
Irkutsk  Yakutsk  Kamchatka  Mongolia  
Japan  Afghanistan  China  Middle East  
India  Siam  Indonesia  New Guinea  
Western Australia  Eastern Australia  

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