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Risk as Portrayed by Risk Enthusiasts

Risk as Portrayed by Risk Enthusiasts
Risk Fans

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Risk fans continue to amaze me. They show so much love and dedication for the game and spend quite some time for their hobby. I guess Risk must have a special part in Risk fans psyche and that once you get it you will never let go of it. 

So I have collected some interesting artwork, videos, posts and articles I have come across for your pleasure. Enjoy ...
Have you ever tried to play with your teenage kids. This might seem familiar to you. Hilarious!




Interested to know what Risk is really all about. Watch this documentary. Yes, indeed it feels like a properly made documentary. Nicely done.
Here, you will see how much fun there is in carving Risk.
Or perhaps you might wonder how large a Risk map can get. Well, check out Giant Risk. Yes, it is truly Giant. Indeed, love can be expressed in many ways!  

Ever wondered what President Bush think of the game. Here is a funny version of Dubya Edition of Risk.  But, seriously how do you think Bush may play Risk game. Perhaps he has already used Risk to play the real world. Here is a nice analysis of what he might have done.

Then there are gazillions of custom Risk maps that gamers enjoys such as Lord of the Rings, Global Map, Strange World and there are usually designed by fans themselves.

And apparently Risk is not just a game, it's a movie. Go figure ...



Risk is alive and kicking ... Long live Risk ...

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